Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

The ladies got to visit their pediatric dentist for the first time this past November. I knew Addison wouldn't have any problems but I was concerned with how Cadence would handle having tools in her mouth and people hovering over her head. She flips out whenever their pediatrician checks her throat and ears so I was prepared for a battle at the dentist. The girls asked if their mammaw could come with us and she happily obliged them.

They both did so well that we were amazed. They had planned on just brushing Cadence's teeth and not using their tool to clean them but I encouraged them to go ahead without the tooth brush and see how she did.

Addison was up first.

"This may tickle a little."

Look at those pearly whites.

Next up, Cadence. We were all saying prayers. 

"This isn't so bad."

Open wide. 
She did just fine and both ladies got a clean bill of dental health and loved that they got light up toothbrushes on their way out.

Next up, taking them to get their eyes checked. This should be

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