Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A mid-week random

I haven't posted in awhile and I figured now would be a perfect time to do so as we have had a lot of exciting events take place this past few weeks.

* I'm still recovering from my ostomy reversal surgery in April. I've recovered from the actual surgery but now I'm just dealing with the side effect of having a foot of my intestines cut out and then having a bag for a year. Can somebody say lots of bathroom breaks?

* For once, someone other than myself in this house needs surgery. Daniel is having his gall bladder removed next Friday. Selfishly it's going to be nice to not be the patient this time.

* My brother Steve got married on June 1st in Cincinnati. We made the decision to stay overnight that Friday instead of driving the hour and a half drive back home with two sleepy children. We were very busy those two days but everything went off without a hitch and I must say, we all clean up nice.

* While we were at the wedding we had our friends keep Bandit. As we pulled into their driveway that night to pick Bandit up there was a driveway full of cars and people running frantically around. Bandit had run away ten minutes before we arrived and they couldn't find him. Exactly one week later, Bandit finally made his way back to their house. Last week was horribly frustrating for us but we became pretty popular on Facebook as everyone was sharing his story/picture and were out looking for him. We passed out over 500 flyer's and combined with all of our friends and family, probably spent 48 hours looking for him. We're so relieved that his sorry butt is back home.

* During the Sunday Daniel and I spent looking for Bandit we found a new addition to our household. Sophia Loren, the kitten has made her way into our hearts and the girls are very smitten with her. Never in a million years did I think we would ever own a cat but our hearts which were already breaking for Bandit, just couldn't leave her sitting on the side of the road. I love her so much!!

* Our garden this year is looking AWESOME. I can't wait for it to start producing more than a few strawberries here and there.

* In seven weeks we'll be taking our big family vacation to Cedar Point. We are all so excited we can't see straight. The trip was a gift to all of us from my aunt and uncle for Christmas this past year and they were kind enough to invite my mother-in-law along for the journey. I can't wait to see the girls faces with all of their cousins and Daniel is excited to spend a day fishing on Lake Erie.

* The process has started for Addison to begin preschool this fall. She has her preschool screening on August 21st to check for any learning disabilities but it's just a formality to make sure she doesn't need to be in the special Ed class. She is very excited to get a back pack and to ride the "cool" bus. Also, the bus will be lello, not I need anxiety medication just thinking about putting her on a bus and then her walking into school and into her class all without me. When did my little baby get old enough to go to preschool?