Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

So, we're about four months out until Christmas 2012 and this year I have decided that we absolutely cannot wait until the few weeks before Christmas to do all of our shopping. I always feel rushed and flustered about what I should purchase and for who and money is always tight. Financially, money is even tighter this year since I can no longer work, so I'm planning this years gift giving and sticking to a budget starting NOW!!

We'll be taking full advantage of Wal-Marts layaway program so that we can get things picked out now and have the chance to make payments on everything until Christmas.

Since we went a little overboard with the girls last year knowing that we would probably be in this situation this year, we're only getting them a few things each. They are still young enough that they do not fully understand the entire concept behind Christmas and because all of my parents are divorced they'll get spoiled without us even having to get them anything.

Obviously though I enjoy doing and buying for my girls so I've already started picking a few things out for them. Here are a few of the contenders for this year.

We bought them something like this last year for Christmas and now that they are both really into baby dolls it's become a source of constant fighting. Getting them each one of their own will help cut down on the screaming and crying.

A good mommy requires a good high chair to feed her baby in. We may just have to buy two?? :)

We love watching Doc McStuffins on the Disney Junior channel so between the cartoon and them always getting into my medical supplies for my ostomy I'm excited to get them their own medical supply bag.

Even thought everyone tells me Addison isn't behind schedule when it comes to knowing her letters and numbers, it still bothers me. I hope this bad boy will help her learn and that it will be more enjoyable then me constantly reciting things to her.

Each girl will have their own side to draw and paint on. I can't wait to start collecting all of their precious artwork.
They received the Cozy Coupe last year for Christmas and they enjoy it when we're outside. Obviously if you're going to have the coupe, then you have to have the pump that goes along with it. Who wants to run out of gas??

I'm still looking and trying to find some really neat toys so what are some of your children's favorites? Please feel free to leave me suggestions or links to some things!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Phone Dump

Here's the latest round of cell phone pictures. I hadn't been taking many hence the lack of weekly phone dumps.

"Smile for mommy!" I swear they only pay attention to me when they want to.

Our harvest from the garden one morning. None of the cherry tomatoes made it into the house, they were consumed immediately by two little girls.

Addison's picture of the front yard and driveway.

I guess I didn't apply enough sunscreen for her satisfaction while at the splash pad last week.

Two of the many pumpkins we have growing in our garden.

Somebody was a little on the anxious side for her nightly bath. Diaper and shirt were still on.

Helping daddy browse for some bolts at Lowes. We got free popcorn while we were there.

Our first group bonfire of the season. Bandit was allowed to roam freely among the group.

Nothing like the smell of freshly bathed babies.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Poop 101...not for the faint of heart

With a one and a two year old there is always something exciting going on in this house. Here are just a few examples of the comedy taking place in our house on a daily basis.

One night last week after trying a day of potty training Addison, I decided to let her wear her big girl underwear outside to play. I made the mistake of not forcing her inside to go to the potty and instead kept asking her if she needed to go in which she kept replying "no." Huge mistake! She had a HUGE accident in her underwear. I figured this out as she was walking up the deck stairs like a duck. I took her inside to get cleaned up and chaos ensued. Have you ever tried taking dirty underwear off of a child who is laying down? I put a towel down for her to lay on, but as I would pull the underwear off of her, poopy would go everywhere. At one point in time she lifted her legs up to her chest which resulted in a piece of poopy landing on her stomach. The child was absolutely mortified, grabbed it and threw it. Here I sit trying not to gag everywhere and I have poop all over my child, all over the towel, the carpet, and on the ottoman that the towel was supposed to protect. Needless to say those undies were tossed in the garbage and the child was taken straight to the bathtub.

During this little adventure Cadence was outside with Daniel still playing. I quickly bathed Addison and got her out of the tub leaving the still hot water in so that I could throw Cadence in next. As I'm drying off Addison and getting her dressed with a diaper on thank you very much, in the living room, Cadence and Daniel come inside and Cadence takes off for the bathroom. Before I could even hit the bathroom door the child is in the tub, diaper and clothing still on. To make it even more fun as I'm laying over the side of the tub trying to undress her, Addison decides that she wasn't finished and is one leg away from being back in the tub...diaper and clean pajamas on. I got a work out that night.

Another cute story is that apparently we all have poop bags. Obviously I have one and she is very aware of it. I have explained to her why I have it and she watches me as I empty it or change it. I have been having some complications with both of my stomas so I have been watching youtube videos of others who have them hoping I can get some suggestions on things I could change in how I apply them and take care of them. Addison was fascinated with the fact that others had the same booboos. While I made a trip to the hospital today she and Cadence stayed with their Mamaw. While there Addison explained to Mamaw and uncle Dusty that mommy has a poop bag, daddy has a poop bag, sissy has a poop bag, and Addison has a poop bag. That's a lot of poop bags here in the house.

Another thing that is going on in this house is the girls fascination of the dogs. It's like they memorize every single move those dogs make. If you aren't careful you'll find the girls eating snacks off of the carpet that they have placed there for the sole purpose of eating it off of the floor like the dogs. They have also watched Lennon chew on his kong ball way too many times as now you can find Addison hiding under tables chewing on the rubber soles of her shoes. Another new development is that when we fill up the toy buckets, they will lap up the water just like the dogs do. A trick they both learned recently is that if you throw a toy, they'll both retrieve it and bring it back to you in their mouth. As if none of that was bad enough, last week Addison decided to take this being a dog thing over the top. We were out back playing and in a blink of an eye she takes her diaper off, squats, and starts going potty in the backyard. All Daniel can say is "well, at least she didn't do it in the house." The dogs are kept away from them about 95% of the time and yet she is still learning this stuff from them. Daniel asked the dogs last night if they could learn how to say their numbers and alphabet, he figured Addison would learn how to say them quicker that way. Both girls need another round of shots and I think this time instead of going to the pediatrician, I'm just going to take them to the vet. Rabies shots and heart guard all around??

Sorry if all of this talk of poop disgusted you. I write this blog mainly for myself and for my aunt and uncle. I laugh at it and I know they are both rolling so that's all that

I will have a weekly phone picture dump in the next few days. I haven't forgotten about them, I just haven't been taking as many pictures with my phone so I haven't had much to post.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Girl

Today has been a major milestone for Addison. I'm excited for her and sad all at the same time.

Today my little bundle of joy wore her big girl panties all day long without a single accident. She even went #2, twice on the toilet.

After she is done using the restroom, she washes her hands, picks a piece of candy, and gets to call a relative to share her good news if she has gone #2. This morning she called my dad and his girlfriend, and this evening she got to call my sister, Nikki. She gets a couple of jelly beans when she goes #1, and when she goes #2, she gets a sucker.

I ask her every 20-30 minutes if she needs to use the potty and if she hasn't gone in an hour or so, I put her on the potty until something happens. There is a lot of singing going on during our bathroom adventures. I've also decided that I need to invest in a pillow to take with me as my behind tends to go numb after sitting on the edge of the tub for awhile. The actual bathroom visits tend to be a bit boring but I realize this is all apart of the process and I am so proud of her.

Tomorrow we'll be going to the store to get a piece of poster board so that we can make her a potty chart. She'll get a sticker for every time she uses the bathroom and I am thinking that when she collects a certain amount that we'll take her to the dollar store to get a prize. I'm not sure how I'll work this part. I may even buy a bunch of cheap stuff that she can select from a basket.

On a even happier note, we spent yesterday with my sister and her kids at our dad's with some family. I almost kidnapped my niece yesterday. She is the most adorable thing ever! I love her so much. I was having a pretty hard day Friday, not only with my health and my emotions being all over the place, but with the girls as well. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a brick wall when I ask them to do something and I get frustrated with myself thinking that its something I am or am not doing with them. I experienced yesterday that it isn't me. It's this age. My nephew Dylan is only four months older than Addison and I think my sister was ready to run away from home yesterday. He was being so stubborn and was just terrorizing her. I feel so much better about myself and my parenting skills after seeing that it's all kids at this age, not just mine.

The girls had so much fun having other kids to play with. Donna's granddaughter Mya, along with Dylan, kept both girls pretty occupied which meant they weren't hanging off my hips. It was wonderful!!! When they weren't busy playing, they were busy being mesmerized by Ireland. They love their baby cousin.

Addison, Cadence, Mya, Ireland, and Dylan after an afternoon of swimming and playing.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'll be 29 years old next month. I know, I'm having a hard time grasping that minor detail as well. Even as I type this I still can't imagine myself being 29. That is one year away from being 30. Next thing you know I'll be turning 40 and that just can't be possible. I remember when my parents all turned 40, I laughed at them. We bought my dad black balloons. I'm not my parents, how can I be 40 like they once were. I DO NOT want black balloons.

I turned 18 during my senior of high school. I thought it was so cool that I was finally considered an adult and could drop out of school if I wanted to. One of my favorite courses and teachers that year was American government taught by Mr. Woody. His class was a breeze and we learned all about how our government worked. He taught us the ins and outs of voting and why it was such as privilege to be able to do so. I should have become a registered voter then, but it never happened.

I'll be 29 years old next month and have never voted in any election, let alone a presidential election. I'm sure by now you're all wondering why and some may even be in shock that as an American citizen I have never chosen to do so. I don't owe anyone an explanation nor do I expect anyone to understand my reasoning but here it goes.

I have Crohns disease.

There I said it, are you judging me? Are you shaking your head in disbelief? Are you laughing that that is my only reason why?

If you said yes to any of the above then please stop.

What so many people do not understand with my disease, is that not only does it affect you physically, but it does a number on you mentally.

This disease can turn you into a prisoner of your home before you even realize it's happening. You're afraid to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. You're fearful of those less compassionate and understanding than you. And your afraid of not being in control of your body in certain surroundings.

One of my biggest fears with this disease is that I will be in a position of needing to use the restroom and being denied the opportunity. This fear haunted me through my years of school, going back as far as third grade and the fear followed me into the work force. The thought of being in a classroom with a teacher that would not allow you to go, or being in a corporate meeting and being embarrassed to get up and walk out of the room unexcused was difficult to get past.  These are fears that have led to my severe anxiety issues that medication doesn't always help with.

This my friends, is why my Crohns has kept me from voting.

I was always under the assumption that when you register to vote, you automatically get put into a hat and risk the chance of randomly having your name pulled for jury duty. I can only imagine how a judge would feel if during the middle of a very important trial, I have to excuse myself multiple times to use the little girls room. I know for many of you, you may feel that that is a piss poor excuse, but it is what it is and unless you have this horrid disease, then you'll never truly understand what it has done to me.

Tonight I took a stand against it. Tonight I have begun the registration process to vote in the 2012 presidential election. Why you ask? Because I refuse to continue being a quiet casualty of those running this country into the ground. I have allowed crooked politicians, backing fraudulent big name corporations all who have power and greed to make political decisions for me.

No more!

My one little vote may not make a difference, but it will be counted. I have a voice and it will be heard. While my political party is nobody's business, not even my husbands, rest assured that I will be voting in a manner that I think will be most beneficial to me and my daughters. Daniel can speak his own mind.

Have you registered to vote? If not, click on the link below if you live in the state of Ohio. Together we can all make a difference!

Voter Registration

If you live somewhere other than the state of Ohio. Go to your states website and it should give you the correct information. Remember to never give out your personal information as your state website should give you the correct paperwork and information to print out and mail in your forms. Do not go to a .org or a .com site, .gov sites or the safest route.