Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Girl

Today has been a major milestone for Addison. I'm excited for her and sad all at the same time.

Today my little bundle of joy wore her big girl panties all day long without a single accident. She even went #2, twice on the toilet.

After she is done using the restroom, she washes her hands, picks a piece of candy, and gets to call a relative to share her good news if she has gone #2. This morning she called my dad and his girlfriend, and this evening she got to call my sister, Nikki. She gets a couple of jelly beans when she goes #1, and when she goes #2, she gets a sucker.

I ask her every 20-30 minutes if she needs to use the potty and if she hasn't gone in an hour or so, I put her on the potty until something happens. There is a lot of singing going on during our bathroom adventures. I've also decided that I need to invest in a pillow to take with me as my behind tends to go numb after sitting on the edge of the tub for awhile. The actual bathroom visits tend to be a bit boring but I realize this is all apart of the process and I am so proud of her.

Tomorrow we'll be going to the store to get a piece of poster board so that we can make her a potty chart. She'll get a sticker for every time she uses the bathroom and I am thinking that when she collects a certain amount that we'll take her to the dollar store to get a prize. I'm not sure how I'll work this part. I may even buy a bunch of cheap stuff that she can select from a basket.

On a even happier note, we spent yesterday with my sister and her kids at our dad's with some family. I almost kidnapped my niece yesterday. She is the most adorable thing ever! I love her so much. I was having a pretty hard day Friday, not only with my health and my emotions being all over the place, but with the girls as well. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a brick wall when I ask them to do something and I get frustrated with myself thinking that its something I am or am not doing with them. I experienced yesterday that it isn't me. It's this age. My nephew Dylan is only four months older than Addison and I think my sister was ready to run away from home yesterday. He was being so stubborn and was just terrorizing her. I feel so much better about myself and my parenting skills after seeing that it's all kids at this age, not just mine.

The girls had so much fun having other kids to play with. Donna's granddaughter Mya, along with Dylan, kept both girls pretty occupied which meant they weren't hanging off my hips. It was wonderful!!! When they weren't busy playing, they were busy being mesmerized by Ireland. They love their baby cousin.

Addison, Cadence, Mya, Ireland, and Dylan after an afternoon of swimming and playing.

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