Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

A couple of weeks ago during one of Daniel's business trips, I decided to pack the girls up and get out of the house for a little while. I was trying to come up with something to do that would entertain the girls while being wallet friendly since money is still really tight for us.

I've been to the Boonshoft Museum once for a holiday party thrown by my former employer and it was almost ten years ago. Going back with children of your own is so much different. The girls had a really good time and I can't wait to go back with Daniel. There was one or two play areas that the girls couldn't take advantage of because it was a two parent task. One example was the multistory slide. There was no way I could allow one kid to go down the slide while I was still at the upper level with the other one, not at their young age and with so many older kids there running around being wild.

Playing at the water table...before the great soaking.
 I'm pretty sure their favorite features were getting to see all of the animals. They got a big kick out of the turtles and an even bigger kick out of the otters. Their other favorite feature was the water area. Things went smoothly at first but by the time it was time to go, they were both soaking wet. Cadence poured water over her head and Addison stuck her head under a waterfall feature.


"No Sissy, this is the button to turn on the radio."

Digging for dinosaur bones at the archaeological dig site.
They have so many other areas, areas that I don't think they are quite ready to really get the full experience with but man were they neat. I would have loved to have had a little grocery store like this to play with growing up. They only browsed the shelves, I actually made some purchases though neither of them would ring me up at the register. Oh to be young again!

"Sis, I'm not sure about the freshness of these fruits and veggies!"

After the great soak, I decided it was time to load up and hit the road but not before we hit up the gift shop. Because they had behaved themselves so well, even among the groups of kids there on field trips, they both received a candy necklace which they thought were pretty darn cool.

I thought about getting us a membership after the first of the year, but I've decided to hold off until they are a little bit older, especially since this place is about a half an hour away from home and money is still a big problem in our house. Instead we're saving up to get a family membership to the zoo for next summer. I think they'll appreciate the zoo a little more and it will gives us adults a little bit more entertainment.

Halloween Part III

We had one more adventure in our month long Halloween celebration before actual trick-or-treat and it was the now annual, Brooks Halloween party. We didn't take the girls last year because of how young they were but we drug them along this year and they had a blast. I only allowed Cadence to stay for a few hours and then took her to her mamaw's but Addison held up all night. I'll let some of the pictures describe just how creative the Brooks are at their party planning. Daniel said growing up they went all out every Halloween and I think they are part of the reason why he loves Halloween so much.

This past Saturday we took the girls trick-or-treating in my mother-in-laws neighborhood. Our current house is out in the country so we couldn't exactly take the girls around our place. They were both a little stand offish at first but they eventually warmed up to the fact that at every door they went to, they were given candy. In our house candy is actually called camdy and by that night we were having to hide their buckets because they were on sugar overload.

Visiting with their great aunt Nanny while we were in the neighborhood.
We were afraid they would never get to sleep buy thankfully a walk around the block with no nap equaled being out cold by the time we were off my mother-in-laws street. I wish I would have snapped a picture of them asleep but I didn't think of it then. My mother-in-law gave them each their own light up wand to carry around with them while they were trick-or-treating and they both feel asleep in the car seats with them in their hands. The purple glow of the wand cast a little purple light against their chubby little faces and it melted my heart. Addison's snores even made us a giggle a little bit.

I can't believe another Halloween with them has gone by but thanks to my camera it's one that I won't soon forget. I'm pretty sure Addison is going to be disappointed tomorrow when they drop them off with their mamaw while I go to an appointment. I don't think it has hit her yet that trick-or-treat is a once a year event. 

Now...whose ready for turkey?? Or wait, is it Christmas? Since the stores have had Christmas stuff out for a couple of weeks around here I'm getting all of these holidays mixed up.

Halloween Part II

Our second adventure this Halloween season was a trip to the pumpkin patch. Since moving further north we can't see driving over an hour away to go to the pumpkin patch that we've frequented in the past so this year we changed it up a bit.

We took the girls to Young's Dairy which has a little bit of everything for young children. We went on a Sunday when the wind was really bad due to incoming storms but we made the best of the time we had before the rain hit.

The ladies first got to select a pumpkin of their own which Addison was a pro at. The girl knew what she wanted, however, her little sister needed a bit of help from mommy. I was helping to coax the pumpkin picking along so can you believe not a single picture was taken.

The next adventure consisted of petting and feeding the goats, visiting the baby cow, and a few other farm animals inside the barn and lastly, visiting the cows. They loved seeing all of the animals but didn't understand why the cows didn't want to come over and actually visit with them.

The third stop at the farm was their ride on the Moovers & Shakers train ride. Train ride in this instance being a golf cart pulling a bunch of barrels around but you get the drift. We were skeptical at how Cadence would do riding in a barrel by herself and of course my mommy brain immediately started thinking of how she might want out during the ride and then falling out and being run over, but she surprised us all and had a ball. She hung on to the steering wheel for dear life, but you could tell she was a happy little girl getting to be big and brave all by herself. I was holding her tonight close to my chest and I just couldn't get over the fact that she is almost two years old. Both of my babies are growing up so fast it's mind boggling at times.

 Lastly, we played on the big tires and the old tractor but the wind kept getting worse and we could see the storm clouds rolling in so we decided to head on out. We were going to eat in their restaurant there but the wait was 45 minutes long so we passed and headed to mamaw's for tacos.

I absolutely adore doing this kind of stuff with the girls. It's the day before Halloween and those pumpkins haven't been carved yet, but its the thought that counts. These are memories and traditions that I hope that they hold dear to their heart even after I'm long gone.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Part I

This should have posted about two weeks ago so please bear with!!

This weekend was the kick off of our Halloween celebrations. It seems like every year, we have more and more scheduled for our month of October and we wouldn't have it any other way. I think the fact that the girls are both getting older and starting to enjoy themselves and all of our festivities really helps. Halloween is Daniel's favorite time of the year so he is in seventh heaven.

Dylan celebrating his 3rd birthday before the fun started!
We started off Saturday night at my uncle Dan and aunt Robin's annual Halloween party for our family. The girls had a blast running around the backyard and playing with their cousins and it was nice that I could kick back and relax a little bit knowing that I had so many other people helping to watch them. So many years ago I could only wish that I would be a stay at home mom. I had some idea in my head that I could sleep however long I wanted, sit around and watch t.v., pretty much do whatever the heck I wanted all while enjoying my babies. Man, oh man, was I wrong! Being a full time stay at home mommy is by far the hardest job that I have had to date. I never get to shut my mind off. Even when they are napping I'm constantly listening for when they wake up or if one of them has a dream and needs consoled. So when I'm with my family I know that there are so many sets of eyes on my girls that I can relax for a little while and just enjoy myself and my surroundings. It was heavenly!!

I was so impressed with my aunt Robin. She made homemade bingo cards for the older kids that had a Halloween theme to them. I'm talking, she actually drew pictures of Halloween themed items on the cards. She also made homemade pumpkin pinatas for the big and small kids out of poster board and made a spider out of wire hangers for a ring toss. The adults got to break the pinatas and it was so funny for the smaller kids...when the treats went flying they just stood there trying to figure out which treat to pick up. They didn't understand that they could pick as many up as they could. Poor Addison kept picking stuff up, looking at it, and then throwing it back down to move on to the next piece that she thought might be more appealing. I had to help her out a bit.

They had a costume contest and Daniel was the judge, however, after naming Cadence last place, his judging rights have been revoked for all future costume contests. Addison is a going to be a cowgirl this year and Cadence is the prettiest witch I've ever seen. They were both so adorable in their costumes, as were all of the other kids. Can you please check out my niece, Ireland! Is she not the cutest spider that you have ever seen? And of course her brother, Dylan, the dinosour. I love these kids so much!

We ate, played a few games, and most importantly, got to spend some quality time with our family. I love moments like these!

The kids shooting the Nerf gun for points.
Playing a friendly game of euchre. Nikki and I lost by a point.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall pictures and a trip to the farm...

This past Friday the girls and I got to spend the day with my mother-in-law. Since she has retired we have been doing things just us girls during the week and we have so much fun together. She picked us up early Friday morning and we drove over to Carriage Hill Farm and got to visit with all of the farm animals as well as hit up the candy store.

Visiting with Maggie the horse.
The girls love seeing all of the animals even though Cadence is terrified to get to close to them. We pretty much had the farm to ourselves so we allowed the ladies to run around without the stroller and they enjoyed all of the freedom.

Petting the kitty.
I took a few fall pictures of them and even though I tried hard, the pictures with both of them just didn't turn out. They have issues looking at the camera at the same Cadence has issues looking at the camera period.

After lunch we hit up Bob Evans as a nice little treat. I ordered the unlimited salad, bread, and soup lunch special and it was delicious. Addison ate a good portion of my salad and both girls enjoyed eating lunch out with their mamaw.

After lunch we stopped by Wal-Mart so that we could get the girls Halloween costumes. Addison got a new costume compliments of Mamaw and since Mamaw likes for Cadence to have new stuff as well she got a brand spanking new costume as well. I had just planned on putting her in the Dorothy costume Addison wore last year but instead she's going to be a spooky witch. Addison gets to be a little cowgirl with a hat and all. I'm looking forward to Halloween this year now that both girls get to actively participate.

I ordered chili as my soup at Bob Evans on Friday and it got me in the mood for more. I sent out invites to our closest friends and my mother-in-law for a chili and homemade cornbread dinner Saturday evening, followed by a bonfire. I made two different types of chili and they were both delicious. So was the cornbread. I made it from scratch and baked it in our cast iron skillet with lots of butter. I don't think I'll ever make a boxed cornbread again. I'll be posting all three recipes over on my food blog within the next week or so.

We rounded out our weekend by attending the Mum Festival in Tipp City. I really enjoyed myself until the very end when my ostomy bag started leaking. It was really upsetting but I was thankful that I was wearing black pants. No one noticed my wet and dirty front side but I was mortified and overall disgusted. My mother-in-law purchased two huge mums for me and after we picked them up we headed out so that I could get home to shower and change clothing. I dropped everyone off at her house, went home took care of myself and the dogs, and then headed back out for pizza  at her house.

 My gorgeous mums.

I just love weekends like this. We get so bored sitting at home during the week since Daniel takes the Yukon to work leaving us without a mode of transportation. We try hard to take advantage of our time together on the weekends. Sue, my mother-in-law, was so tickled that she got to spend three days in a row with the girls.