Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall pictures and a trip to the farm...

This past Friday the girls and I got to spend the day with my mother-in-law. Since she has retired we have been doing things just us girls during the week and we have so much fun together. She picked us up early Friday morning and we drove over to Carriage Hill Farm and got to visit with all of the farm animals as well as hit up the candy store.

Visiting with Maggie the horse.
The girls love seeing all of the animals even though Cadence is terrified to get to close to them. We pretty much had the farm to ourselves so we allowed the ladies to run around without the stroller and they enjoyed all of the freedom.

Petting the kitty.
I took a few fall pictures of them and even though I tried hard, the pictures with both of them just didn't turn out. They have issues looking at the camera at the same Cadence has issues looking at the camera period.

After lunch we hit up Bob Evans as a nice little treat. I ordered the unlimited salad, bread, and soup lunch special and it was delicious. Addison ate a good portion of my salad and both girls enjoyed eating lunch out with their mamaw.

After lunch we stopped by Wal-Mart so that we could get the girls Halloween costumes. Addison got a new costume compliments of Mamaw and since Mamaw likes for Cadence to have new stuff as well she got a brand spanking new costume as well. I had just planned on putting her in the Dorothy costume Addison wore last year but instead she's going to be a spooky witch. Addison gets to be a little cowgirl with a hat and all. I'm looking forward to Halloween this year now that both girls get to actively participate.

I ordered chili as my soup at Bob Evans on Friday and it got me in the mood for more. I sent out invites to our closest friends and my mother-in-law for a chili and homemade cornbread dinner Saturday evening, followed by a bonfire. I made two different types of chili and they were both delicious. So was the cornbread. I made it from scratch and baked it in our cast iron skillet with lots of butter. I don't think I'll ever make a boxed cornbread again. I'll be posting all three recipes over on my food blog within the next week or so.

We rounded out our weekend by attending the Mum Festival in Tipp City. I really enjoyed myself until the very end when my ostomy bag started leaking. It was really upsetting but I was thankful that I was wearing black pants. No one noticed my wet and dirty front side but I was mortified and overall disgusted. My mother-in-law purchased two huge mums for me and after we picked them up we headed out so that I could get home to shower and change clothing. I dropped everyone off at her house, went home took care of myself and the dogs, and then headed back out for pizza  at her house.

 My gorgeous mums.

I just love weekends like this. We get so bored sitting at home during the week since Daniel takes the Yukon to work leaving us without a mode of transportation. We try hard to take advantage of our time together on the weekends. Sue, my mother-in-law, was so tickled that she got to spend three days in a row with the girls.

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