Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Time and a Birthday!

One of the benefits of having divorced parents is that I have lots of family.  All of my great-grandparents have passed away, and all of my biological grandparents, with the exception of my maternal grandmother have passed as well. Thankfully, all of my grandparents that I was blessed with via step-parents are all alive and as well as can be being in their seventies.

I have lots of great aunts and uncles, and every year my grandma's four sisters come to Ohio to spend a week or so with her. We didn't get to visit them last year as I was extremely sick at the time with my Crohns but this year I committed myself to visit and I made sure I stuck to my guns and went. I went with the girls without Daniel, but by golly, we went and I am so pleased that I got to spend some quality time with some amazing family.

Poor Cadence sustained a nice little head injury while we were there as she decided to nose dive off of the deck onto concrete, instead of walking down the stairs but the girls had fun playing with a few of my cousins and their aunt and uncles.

 Hopefully we'll get to visit with their great-great aunts again next year!

Group shot, this is our immediate family with the aunts, my step-dads girlfriend, my sisters boyfriend, and my brothers fiance.
Four generations.
My brother Steve with his soon to be wife, Jessica and their furry son Charlie.
Why do both of my sisters get to be so skinny? This is my baby sister from my mom's second marriage, with her main squeeze. Such an adorable couple.

We met up with everyone for this gathering a week and a half ago, and this past weekend something big happened to me. I turned 29!! When did that happen? Seriously though, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that number. Something they don't tell you when you undergo a major surgery like I did, is that your hair falls out. My surgery was in April and my hair is still falling out. The hair that is growing back is coming in gray and wavy. Thankfully I have a lighter shade of hair anyway, so you can't really see the gray unless your up close, but every time I look in the mirror I want to shed a tear. Therefore to celebrate my 29th birthday, it appears that I'll be buying my first box of hair die in probably ten

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