Friday, September 14, 2012

Crazy Hair

Both of my baby girls were born with a moderate amount of hair. Cadence had even more than Addison when she was born and it was jet black. Between the jet black hair and dark eyes she really threw us for a loop. Addison was born with light hair and blue eyes and that's what we were expecting when we had Cadence. It honestly took me a little bit of time to get used to the fact that I would have two daughters that looked completely different from one another. Cadence eyes did turn sky blue to match the rest of us, and her hair has lightened quite a bit, but it is still darker than Addison's.

They both have had their bangs trimmed a couple of times but I'm trying to let their bangs grow out at this point so that they can have one length of hair to pull back into pony tails. Between this and always fighting with them to keep their hair pretties in, it leaves for a lot of crazy hair in this house.

Bangs in the eyes as usual.

Addison's crazy bed head on Easter morning.

Bangs in the eyes.

Bangs in the eyes in the front, long and curly in the back.

I got a pony tail in for her bangs, but the knots were so bad I couldn't even brush it out. Isn't she cute eating her pudding?

I am seriously pondering chopping Addison's hair off to a little bob. The other night after rewarding her with a sucker for going potty on the toilet, she managed to get it stuck in her hair. We had to wash and condition her hair and even then to get the knot out I was brushing and pulling to the point where she lost a chunk or two of hair. I was trying to do it as gently as possible, but it still hurt her a little and I had moments of sheer panic thinking that I was going to have to cut it out of her hair and that she would have a horrible mess of a hair do. Thankfully it came out but I am constantly dealing with knots in her hair and its frustrating because she won't hold still when we're trying to brush them out. I have been conditioning and blow drying her hair after her bath and her hair is absolutely gorgeous. Long, silky, and the most precious little curls at the ends. I say I am considering a hair cut for her but in reality I don't know if I'll be able to do it. I love her long hair!

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