Monday, September 10, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!!

Have I told you lately how awesome my mother in law is? She is one of the most generous people that I know and I am so blessed that she is a part of my life. How many people get to say that about their in-laws?

She knew we had been wanting to take the girls to the zoo for quite some time but money just wasn't readily available for it. She recently got some money back from the government for my father in laws death and burial and she decided to treat us yesterday to a trip to the zoo. I'm not sure who was more excited, me...her, or the girls?

Up close and personal with a different kind of flamingo.

Petting one of the reptiles...yuck!

Cadence peering in to the stingray pool. Mamaw paid for us to go in and pet them. It was so cool!

The flamingos were gorgeous.

The best family shot we got. This one had half of Daniel's head, the other had Addison's head hidden behind Cadence.

Addison in her new shoes. It was a shame we couldn't find the new shoes that would have gone better with the outfit but we figured the animals wouldn't mind. The child has shoes in the Yukon, and all over this house. I'm going to start hiding them.

Pressing the buttons.

The animals that I was most excited for the girls to see. We call them two bys in our house compliments of the Jungle Book.
The picture taking with the actual camera pretty much stopped at this point. It was a few moments prior when I realized that my ostomy bag was leaking. I was so upset. This surgery and ostomy were supposed to keep me from worrying about the bathroom and always having to go. Now I get to worry about crapping my pants in a whole different manner and it really upset me. There was no way I could completely change my appliance in a public restroom so I just cleaned myself up as best as I could and taped myself up to prevent it from leaking further. It worked until we could get home but I was constantly thinking and worrying about it leaking further so my time at the zoo was no longer fun.

We spent almost six hours at the zoo and didn't get to see a lot of things. It is a definitely a whole day adventure and we are thinking about getting season passes next year so that we can take advantage of everything they have to offer. We really enjoyed ourselves and I can't wait to return.

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area I highly recommend going to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It was well worth the money and in my opinion, everything was reasonably priced...even the food and drinks!!

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