Saturday, September 15, 2012

Splash Pad

I took the girls to one of the local splash pads this summer!! We had a few touch and go moments like when Addison refused to leave so I had to leave her playing while I loaded Cadence and all of our belongs in the Yukon. Thank goodness I parked in the front row and could keep my eyes on her, but still, I was a nervous wreck. When it came time to actually grab her I honestly had to chase her around the splash pad with a few mothers just sitting back and staring as if their child never not listened. It was so fun carrying her kicking and screaming to the car with just a wonderful viewing audience. I won't admit that I called them a few choice names in my mind while they just sat there and allowed their children to circle around Addison which made grabbing her even harder.

Cadence strutting her stuff in her water gear!
 For the longest time we had the splash pad with one other young boy and that was it. We stopped by Wal-Mart on the way there and bought new water shoes, a few pool toys, and a couple of snacks and drinks to get us through our few hours of playing. The little boy had the curliest hair that I've ever seen and Cadence was smitten with his mommy. She kept going up to her and wanting to be held. We obviously have to work on the stranger danger speech.

Addison and the little boy that arrived when we did. We opened up the place!
 I really enjoyed the fact that the girls had a blast, even if they refused to actually play in the water. They spent their time there running circles around the splash pad watching others play in the water and barely touched the toys that I bought them. Other kids had fun with their toys but they didn't care much to play with them. They much prefer playing with them here at home filled up with ice cold water straight from the I got their water shoes on clearance for a few bucks each and wouldn't you know, after about an hour or so they both took them well spent don't you think?

Still dry as a bone.
After about two hours and they are both still dry.

Playing with some of the new water toys.

Walking around the splash pad. 

They both had a really good time and I made sure we arrived as soon as possible that way we could go home and go straight to bed for naps. The park didn't open until eleven and we showed up about a quarter after ten so we had some time to kill while we waited. The first few minutes in the car going home were not fun because Addison was still screaming and crying which broke my heart, but a stop at Arby's for some lunch helped heal her broken heart. Curly fries in the car seat are always fun!

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