Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A girl and her horsey...

This little lady sure does love her animals!

Monday, March 21, 2011

One Month

Happy One Month Birthday Cadence Leah!

So, what are you up to? Yeah that's right, not sleeping, that's what you're up to. Oh and crying, lots of crying. Do you seriously have to cry so much?? And can we please discuss why you insist on being held ALL.OF.THE.TIME??? I know you don't really care but I do need to sleep some time and this holding you while trying to sleep just isn't working for me. It keeps me on Mommy alert on night long...must not roll over...must not roll over...DON'T MOVE FROM CURRENT POSITION. And why do you turn your built in furnace on when I am holding you? You make my arm so hot it stings! Please stop crying, start sleeping, and dear God, please start sleeping in your own bed...I'm begging you!

But please do Mommy one big favor! Please don't stop being so adorable. As crazy as you are making me right now I love watching you. I absolutely love hearing you start to talk to us and those gummy grins melt my heart each and every time! I love you baby girl and I know someday you'll let me sleep again!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I could have sworn it's March!

Well it's almost the middle of March and can you guess what it's currently doing outside? SNOWING...come on weather get with the program. We are tired of the snow and we are most definitely done with the rain. It's rained so much here lately that our back pastures are under water as well as the roads near our house. Living next to a river can be good but during heavy rains its bad. You have to drive out of your way to get home when the roads are shut down.

This Momma is ready for spring so we can get out of this house and do stuff...any stuff would work as I am spending entirely way too much time on facebook!

We were fortunate for one day this week where I was able to take Addison out for about ten minutes before the next round of rain hit. She loves being outside and she loves swinging in her new swing.
Everyone...think spring!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

If only I had known...

I knew having two babies so close in age was going to be challenging at times but I had no clue that it was going to be so difficult right out of the starting gate. Cadence was born three weeks ago today and it was exactly three weeks and one day ago that I have gotten an actual nights sleep. I'm realizing now that we were spoiled with Addison. She had her moments of course, but Cadence...Cadence has moments twenty four hours a day...every single day! If she isn't being held she's crying and half the time she's crying even when she's being held. To say I'm on the verge of a complete meltdown would be an understatement.

I don't think it would be so bad if Addison were older but we're talking about a one year old here who is completely clueless to what's going on other than the fact that some little person is hogging her Mother and Grandmothers attention. I pick up Cadence to try to soothe her and Addison wants picked up. I lay Cadence's bottle or pacifier down and Addison snatches them and takes off for the hills. Have you ever tried getting up out of a chair/couch while holding a sleeping baby who you don't want to wake up all so that you can chase after a toddler who apparently runs faster than you do even though her run is more of a waddle? Then there is the whole let's try to snatch sissy's blanket that she's swaddled in while she's laying in the recliner. Thank god Daddy moves quickly or someone would have ended up on the floor of the playroom. Of course there is always Addison who purposefully stops the baby swing from swinging. Did I mention this is after I have struggled to get Cadence to actually fall asleep so that I could put her in the swing? And that Addison stopping it usually always wakes her up?

My all time favorite issue with the girls right now is the fact they are tag teaming me...BIG TIME! One needs a bottle and you get them situated back into bed after what seems like an eternity and then boom...the other kid wakes up and needs a bottle. One needs a diaper change and sure enough you get settled back on the couch when the other needs a diaper change. Is it to much to ask for them to poop at the same time?
This Momma is so tired. I can't find time to shower and half the time don't even get dressed for the day. I'm pretty confident that baby number three won't be coming for awhile as I am going to need about a year or two worth of sleep before I even dream of adding to this chaos...lol. I love my girls though and I am so blessed that I have them in my life. While I was crying alongside Cadence and Addison last night I made sure to remember that in about eighteen years I would welcome the lack of sleep for just another night of holding my little babies!