Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family Pictures at Portrait Innovations

Excluding the family picture we had taken at the hospital after having had Cadence, and of course those occasional family shots that a family member might randomly snap, we've never had family pictures taken. I scheduled to have some taken last year around this time but my sickness kept us from actually following through with having them done.

I made an appointment for us this past Friday at 6:30 with the photographers at Portrait Innovations. I almost rescheduled it because I was afraid we would be late since Daniel usually works till 5:30, that and he really needed a hair cut but I refused to let what happen last year, happen again.

We had a couple of touch and go moments with the girls and not wanting to pay attention to the camera, and Daniel's hair is a hot mess, but we pulled through and I think they turned out really well. I was very impressed with our photographer and they are very budget friendly. I spent less than a hundred dollars and I got more pictures that I know people to pass them out to. Typically I am anti-posed/anti-studio pictures which is why I'm an outdoor photographer, but I am so glad we had these done and after posting them on Facebook for all of my friends and family to see, I received lots of compliments.

So for your viewing pleasure, I thought I would share of a few of my favorites here on our family blog.

*Just an FYI, Portrait Innovations did not ask me nor did they pay me to do this post. I just wanted to share our experience with them and show some of my favorite photos.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pedal, pedal.

We have had a little red tricycle for Addison for going on two years now. I've lost count the amount of times that we've attempted to teach her to pedal it herself with absolutely no luck. I had many workouts this pass summer pushing her up and down the driveway on it so you can imagine my surprise when I pulled into the driveway yesterday, after another successful photo session, to discover that during the short amount of time that I was gone...she had finally learned to pedal, pedal all by her big self. I can't believe that in just a few short months my little baby is going to be three years old.

Not only is she now able to pedal, pedal all by herself, but she is becoming obsessed with cartoons. I remember that first year or so that I couldn't wait until she had her favorite cartoon/character. I always thought it was so cute when little kids had their favorites and it seemed like she was never going to have one. Well, it only took almost three years but she has finally caved. If I need for her to be quiet for longer than five minutes, all I need to do is turn on Disney Jr. I'm not sure who the genius was behind creating an all day Disney channel with cartoons just for this age bracket, but may God bless them. She loves it. Some of her particular favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chugginton, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins. I find myself watching this channel even after they have gone down for naps...I love most all of the cartoons shown. We've gotten to the point now that if I have asked her to do something, or need for her to come and see me for a diaper change or to get dressed for that matter...I have to finally turn cartoons off just so she'll pay attention to This would be the reason why this years birthday theme for the girls is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I've already started pinning idea's on pinterest and I can't wait until their party.

She's gone from calling me mommy, to mom, and just today she has started calling me momma. I love that she is growing big and strong and learning to do so many new things, but I have moments where I just grab her and cuddle her in my arms like she is still my teeny, tiny baby. I really am afraid that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and she'll be 16 years old with a boyfriend.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture Phone Dump

Here are a few recent pictures that I've taken with my cell phone. Just thought I would share. 

My niece and nephew. I didn't take the picture, but my sister did so it counts right?

Funny story...we stopped and got some lunch one Sunday a few weeks ago. Daniel stayed in the car with Cadence and I took Addie inside with me. We were planning on taking our lunch back to my mother-in-laws but when I handed Addie her lunch and turned my back to finish paying, she made her self comfortable at one of the tables and started chowing down. I guess she was hungry. Daniel said he saw her do it from outside and he laughed.

Playing on the computers at the library.

I can't go anywhere without this child attached to my hip. I can't even use the ladies room.

Addie's first attempt at picking our her own outfit.

Our recent visit to Lowe's. The ladies fell in love with these stuff animals in the Christmas area.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hugs & Kisses Photography

Since I bought my Nikon a year or so before I had Addison, I have slowly gotten into this whole photography thing. I've always enjoyed looking through old pictures and remember vividly the albums that my grandma Roock always kept stashed away. My step-mom used to take pictures all of the time but she never got the film developed, I wonder if she has ever done so? My youngest sister posted a picture of the four of us kids on Christmas morning from many moons ago, on Facebook, and it shows me with a camera.

I've stepped up a bit from my cheap, pink camera to my Nikon and since then I'm the one who is always taking pictures at the latest family function or event.

I've gotten better at it and since then I've started my own photography business. I use the word business lightly because I've been paid for my services once since I started it last year. If I charged my family and friends every time I took pictures for them I would be rich.

Anyway, I've had a few sessions in the past month or so that I'm really proud of and I thought since I have nothing better to blog about, that I would share a few of the pictures with all of you. I don't proclaim to be a professional, but for a self taught beginner, I think they are pretty good.

The top couple are good friends of ours. They aren't engaged yet, but I hope that one day I'll be taking their engagement photos. The second couple is the oldest of my twin brothers, Steve, and his fiance Jessica. She is part of a set of quads. I'm pretty sure that they should be scared to death of a multiple birth when they decide to start a family. These were their engagement photos and they plan on tying the knot next July.

If you would like to see more of my work you can find me on Facebook or on my photography blog

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Playing in the leaves!

I decided to let the wild things out of the house one day last week while the weather was nice and I decided that for the very first time in their lives that they would get to play in the leaves. They were in Heaven and after capturing a few good shots I decided to go back for seconds the following day but this time in nicer clothing in hopes that I could capture a few really, really good ones. No such luck but it was nice try on my part.

My favorite shot of the two day leaf event. It's a shame it wasn't in the cute outfit with pigtails, staged shot.

Helping to gather leaves, one handful at a time.

Attempting to throw leaves at one another.
Gathering up leaves in their buckets. Note to self, it is not wise to allow your child to play in the leaves in a dress. Further pictures will be taken with her plucking leaves from her Lesson learned for mommy!

Day two in a cute outfit and pigtails. Why won't this child ever look at the camera when I'm trying to be serious about the photo?

Addison and her Bop. I'm not sure when Bandit's name got changed to Bop, but he rolls with it as do the other boys. Lennon is now Lenny, and Toby is now TarTar. Don't ask!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A new tattoo with a little bit of meaning...

I don't have any tattoo's. I've always thought about getting one but I get tortured enough with needles sticks with all of my medical issues that the idea of sitting in a chair letting someone do it over and over again just seemed a bit disheartening to me. Not only was I not fond of the pain that I would endure but I was always stumped on what I would get and where I would have it placed. I'm not about being sixty years old with a tramp stamp as they are called and I figured if no one can see it, then what's the point.

Daniel on the other hand has tattoos. He also had his tongue pierced at one point but that's another story for another day. Anyway, during his Navy days he had four tattoos done. I've never been one to be attracted to guys with tattoos, in fact I didn't date a guy in particular because he was covered in them and I knew it would give my parent's a heart attack. All but two of Daniel's are nicely hidden and those can be disguised with a long sleeve shirt so he caught my eye and captured my heart without it ever being an issue. Having said all of this, I'll admit, I kind of like the look of a man with a nice calf tattoo. There is just something about a guy wearing a nice pair of longer shorts, with cool pair of tennis shoes with a big calf tattoo that just does something for me. Daniel has been wanting another tat for awhile now and I've always said if he got another one could he get one there and he's finally obliged.

His youngest brother is trying to get into the tattoo business as a side job and he asked Daniel to be a guinea pig. I drew out something that would honor his little girls and Dustin slapped it on and inked him up.

For the record, after having witnessed this event I can honestly say that there is no chance in that hot place down below that I will ever get one...EVER! You can tell that Dustin is just starting out with this and now I'll eventually have to fork over some change to a professional to have Daniel's fixed since he couldn't hold still during a few moments of the excruciating pain, but it's the thought that counts right?

Addison overseeing the preparations.

Cadence snuggling with daddy before it all begins.

Daniel gripping the couch for dear life. I wonder how this rated with the labor pains I felt with the girls?

"It all ight daddy, it okay!" Yes, I forgot the r in right.
The finished product. The pink ink in the C has since faded and can you see some of the squiggly lines? Those would be the moments when he was holding on for dear life and not holding quite so still...lmao.
The girls are constantly asking him to see his "pretty" and they were such troopers during the actual tattoo process. They watched the entire thing from start to finish and they both took turns holding his hand during the most painful moments. He swears up and down that they don't typically hurt that bad and that is coming from a guy who has a cobra tatted on his back that goes from just below the middle of his back up his spine and spreads out to cover his upper back and ends to just below this neck line. Personally, I'm not going to find out if he's telling the truth, this chicken is staying ink free for life.

Oh, and don't tell him I blogged about this little adventure of his. It might put a dent in his manhood, because remember, it's not supposed to hurt that bad. Sure thing dear, sure thing.