Monday, November 12, 2012

Pedal, pedal.

We have had a little red tricycle for Addison for going on two years now. I've lost count the amount of times that we've attempted to teach her to pedal it herself with absolutely no luck. I had many workouts this pass summer pushing her up and down the driveway on it so you can imagine my surprise when I pulled into the driveway yesterday, after another successful photo session, to discover that during the short amount of time that I was gone...she had finally learned to pedal, pedal all by her big self. I can't believe that in just a few short months my little baby is going to be three years old.

Not only is she now able to pedal, pedal all by herself, but she is becoming obsessed with cartoons. I remember that first year or so that I couldn't wait until she had her favorite cartoon/character. I always thought it was so cute when little kids had their favorites and it seemed like she was never going to have one. Well, it only took almost three years but she has finally caved. If I need for her to be quiet for longer than five minutes, all I need to do is turn on Disney Jr. I'm not sure who the genius was behind creating an all day Disney channel with cartoons just for this age bracket, but may God bless them. She loves it. Some of her particular favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chugginton, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins. I find myself watching this channel even after they have gone down for naps...I love most all of the cartoons shown. We've gotten to the point now that if I have asked her to do something, or need for her to come and see me for a diaper change or to get dressed for that matter...I have to finally turn cartoons off just so she'll pay attention to This would be the reason why this years birthday theme for the girls is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I've already started pinning idea's on pinterest and I can't wait until their party.

She's gone from calling me mommy, to mom, and just today she has started calling me momma. I love that she is growing big and strong and learning to do so many new things, but I have moments where I just grab her and cuddle her in my arms like she is still my teeny, tiny baby. I really am afraid that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and she'll be 16 years old with a boyfriend.

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