Friday, November 2, 2012

A new tattoo with a little bit of meaning...

I don't have any tattoo's. I've always thought about getting one but I get tortured enough with needles sticks with all of my medical issues that the idea of sitting in a chair letting someone do it over and over again just seemed a bit disheartening to me. Not only was I not fond of the pain that I would endure but I was always stumped on what I would get and where I would have it placed. I'm not about being sixty years old with a tramp stamp as they are called and I figured if no one can see it, then what's the point.

Daniel on the other hand has tattoos. He also had his tongue pierced at one point but that's another story for another day. Anyway, during his Navy days he had four tattoos done. I've never been one to be attracted to guys with tattoos, in fact I didn't date a guy in particular because he was covered in them and I knew it would give my parent's a heart attack. All but two of Daniel's are nicely hidden and those can be disguised with a long sleeve shirt so he caught my eye and captured my heart without it ever being an issue. Having said all of this, I'll admit, I kind of like the look of a man with a nice calf tattoo. There is just something about a guy wearing a nice pair of longer shorts, with cool pair of tennis shoes with a big calf tattoo that just does something for me. Daniel has been wanting another tat for awhile now and I've always said if he got another one could he get one there and he's finally obliged.

His youngest brother is trying to get into the tattoo business as a side job and he asked Daniel to be a guinea pig. I drew out something that would honor his little girls and Dustin slapped it on and inked him up.

For the record, after having witnessed this event I can honestly say that there is no chance in that hot place down below that I will ever get one...EVER! You can tell that Dustin is just starting out with this and now I'll eventually have to fork over some change to a professional to have Daniel's fixed since he couldn't hold still during a few moments of the excruciating pain, but it's the thought that counts right?

Addison overseeing the preparations.

Cadence snuggling with daddy before it all begins.

Daniel gripping the couch for dear life. I wonder how this rated with the labor pains I felt with the girls?

"It all ight daddy, it okay!" Yes, I forgot the r in right.
The finished product. The pink ink in the C has since faded and can you see some of the squiggly lines? Those would be the moments when he was holding on for dear life and not holding quite so still...lmao.
The girls are constantly asking him to see his "pretty" and they were such troopers during the actual tattoo process. They watched the entire thing from start to finish and they both took turns holding his hand during the most painful moments. He swears up and down that they don't typically hurt that bad and that is coming from a guy who has a cobra tatted on his back that goes from just below the middle of his back up his spine and spreads out to cover his upper back and ends to just below this neck line. Personally, I'm not going to find out if he's telling the truth, this chicken is staying ink free for life.

Oh, and don't tell him I blogged about this little adventure of his. It might put a dent in his manhood, because remember, it's not supposed to hurt that bad. Sure thing dear, sure thing. 

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