Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture Phone Dump

Here are a few recent pictures that I've taken with my cell phone. Just thought I would share. 

My niece and nephew. I didn't take the picture, but my sister did so it counts right?

Funny story...we stopped and got some lunch one Sunday a few weeks ago. Daniel stayed in the car with Cadence and I took Addie inside with me. We were planning on taking our lunch back to my mother-in-laws but when I handed Addie her lunch and turned my back to finish paying, she made her self comfortable at one of the tables and started chowing down. I guess she was hungry. Daniel said he saw her do it from outside and he laughed.

Playing on the computers at the library.

I can't go anywhere without this child attached to my hip. I can't even use the ladies room.

Addie's first attempt at picking our her own outfit.

Our recent visit to Lowe's. The ladies fell in love with these stuff animals in the Christmas area.


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