Saturday, November 3, 2012

Playing in the leaves!

I decided to let the wild things out of the house one day last week while the weather was nice and I decided that for the very first time in their lives that they would get to play in the leaves. They were in Heaven and after capturing a few good shots I decided to go back for seconds the following day but this time in nicer clothing in hopes that I could capture a few really, really good ones. No such luck but it was nice try on my part.

My favorite shot of the two day leaf event. It's a shame it wasn't in the cute outfit with pigtails, staged shot.

Helping to gather leaves, one handful at a time.

Attempting to throw leaves at one another.
Gathering up leaves in their buckets. Note to self, it is not wise to allow your child to play in the leaves in a dress. Further pictures will be taken with her plucking leaves from her Lesson learned for mommy!

Day two in a cute outfit and pigtails. Why won't this child ever look at the camera when I'm trying to be serious about the photo?

Addison and her Bop. I'm not sure when Bandit's name got changed to Bop, but he rolls with it as do the other boys. Lennon is now Lenny, and Toby is now TarTar. Don't ask!


  1. Your girls are just the cutest! These pictures are wonderful, no matter what clothes they're wearing! :)

    1. Thank you. I just saw the pictures you took of Will and Andrew in the leaves...I love them.