Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My baby is a food slob!

Cadence has a new name in our house. She is now known as Messy Marvin. Our dogs make less of a mess when eating than what Cadence does. We're to the point that we dread feeding her and Daniel has threatened on more than one occasion that from here on out she is only to be served sandwiches. After he threatened it the first time I served her a sandwich at lunch. FAIL...she still was a disaster. I just don't understand what is going on with this child. The bad thing is that when we try to correct her at the table, Addison starts doing the same thing Cadence is getting in trouble for because she always has to be the center of attention. I love this child beyond words, but seriously, use your utensils child and stop throwing food on the floor and dumping your plate and bowl on the table.

Pudding face. It doesn't look to bad but you should have seen her and her highchair when she was finished.

We're working on the keep your mouth closed while eating rule with both girls.

Holding her spoon but using her fingers to pick up her favorite side dish of broccoli and cheese.

This was her first birthday after her spaghetti dinner. Yes she was only a year old, but she still looks like this when she eats pasta and most of the time it's much worse than this.
I've already posted pictures of her with her feet on the table, kicked back and relaxed in her high chair, and I don't think I've been brave enough to take the picture of her after she has had grilled cheese and tomato soup. And while we're on this subject can someone please explain to me how she is able to get more food under her in her high chair than what goes into her belly? She is sitting on her behind for goodness sake yet when you get her down, there in the bottom of the chair is a pile of food. How does that even happen? She also had this fetish of just dropping food wherever she is at. I am constantly sweeping up dry cereal and other snacks around this house because she likes to just pour it out. She's so wasteful but boy do I love her!!

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