Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

So, we're about four months out until Christmas 2012 and this year I have decided that we absolutely cannot wait until the few weeks before Christmas to do all of our shopping. I always feel rushed and flustered about what I should purchase and for who and money is always tight. Financially, money is even tighter this year since I can no longer work, so I'm planning this years gift giving and sticking to a budget starting NOW!!

We'll be taking full advantage of Wal-Marts layaway program so that we can get things picked out now and have the chance to make payments on everything until Christmas.

Since we went a little overboard with the girls last year knowing that we would probably be in this situation this year, we're only getting them a few things each. They are still young enough that they do not fully understand the entire concept behind Christmas and because all of my parents are divorced they'll get spoiled without us even having to get them anything.

Obviously though I enjoy doing and buying for my girls so I've already started picking a few things out for them. Here are a few of the contenders for this year.

We bought them something like this last year for Christmas and now that they are both really into baby dolls it's become a source of constant fighting. Getting them each one of their own will help cut down on the screaming and crying.

A good mommy requires a good high chair to feed her baby in. We may just have to buy two?? :)

We love watching Doc McStuffins on the Disney Junior channel so between the cartoon and them always getting into my medical supplies for my ostomy I'm excited to get them their own medical supply bag.

Even thought everyone tells me Addison isn't behind schedule when it comes to knowing her letters and numbers, it still bothers me. I hope this bad boy will help her learn and that it will be more enjoyable then me constantly reciting things to her.

Each girl will have their own side to draw and paint on. I can't wait to start collecting all of their precious artwork.
They received the Cozy Coupe last year for Christmas and they enjoy it when we're outside. Obviously if you're going to have the coupe, then you have to have the pump that goes along with it. Who wants to run out of gas??

I'm still looking and trying to find some really neat toys so what are some of your children's favorites? Please feel free to leave me suggestions or links to some things!!

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