Monday, August 13, 2012

Poop 101...not for the faint of heart

With a one and a two year old there is always something exciting going on in this house. Here are just a few examples of the comedy taking place in our house on a daily basis.

One night last week after trying a day of potty training Addison, I decided to let her wear her big girl underwear outside to play. I made the mistake of not forcing her inside to go to the potty and instead kept asking her if she needed to go in which she kept replying "no." Huge mistake! She had a HUGE accident in her underwear. I figured this out as she was walking up the deck stairs like a duck. I took her inside to get cleaned up and chaos ensued. Have you ever tried taking dirty underwear off of a child who is laying down? I put a towel down for her to lay on, but as I would pull the underwear off of her, poopy would go everywhere. At one point in time she lifted her legs up to her chest which resulted in a piece of poopy landing on her stomach. The child was absolutely mortified, grabbed it and threw it. Here I sit trying not to gag everywhere and I have poop all over my child, all over the towel, the carpet, and on the ottoman that the towel was supposed to protect. Needless to say those undies were tossed in the garbage and the child was taken straight to the bathtub.

During this little adventure Cadence was outside with Daniel still playing. I quickly bathed Addison and got her out of the tub leaving the still hot water in so that I could throw Cadence in next. As I'm drying off Addison and getting her dressed with a diaper on thank you very much, in the living room, Cadence and Daniel come inside and Cadence takes off for the bathroom. Before I could even hit the bathroom door the child is in the tub, diaper and clothing still on. To make it even more fun as I'm laying over the side of the tub trying to undress her, Addison decides that she wasn't finished and is one leg away from being back in the tub...diaper and clean pajamas on. I got a work out that night.

Another cute story is that apparently we all have poop bags. Obviously I have one and she is very aware of it. I have explained to her why I have it and she watches me as I empty it or change it. I have been having some complications with both of my stomas so I have been watching youtube videos of others who have them hoping I can get some suggestions on things I could change in how I apply them and take care of them. Addison was fascinated with the fact that others had the same booboos. While I made a trip to the hospital today she and Cadence stayed with their Mamaw. While there Addison explained to Mamaw and uncle Dusty that mommy has a poop bag, daddy has a poop bag, sissy has a poop bag, and Addison has a poop bag. That's a lot of poop bags here in the house.

Another thing that is going on in this house is the girls fascination of the dogs. It's like they memorize every single move those dogs make. If you aren't careful you'll find the girls eating snacks off of the carpet that they have placed there for the sole purpose of eating it off of the floor like the dogs. They have also watched Lennon chew on his kong ball way too many times as now you can find Addison hiding under tables chewing on the rubber soles of her shoes. Another new development is that when we fill up the toy buckets, they will lap up the water just like the dogs do. A trick they both learned recently is that if you throw a toy, they'll both retrieve it and bring it back to you in their mouth. As if none of that was bad enough, last week Addison decided to take this being a dog thing over the top. We were out back playing and in a blink of an eye she takes her diaper off, squats, and starts going potty in the backyard. All Daniel can say is "well, at least she didn't do it in the house." The dogs are kept away from them about 95% of the time and yet she is still learning this stuff from them. Daniel asked the dogs last night if they could learn how to say their numbers and alphabet, he figured Addison would learn how to say them quicker that way. Both girls need another round of shots and I think this time instead of going to the pediatrician, I'm just going to take them to the vet. Rabies shots and heart guard all around??

Sorry if all of this talk of poop disgusted you. I write this blog mainly for myself and for my aunt and uncle. I laugh at it and I know they are both rolling so that's all that

I will have a weekly phone picture dump in the next few days. I haven't forgotten about them, I just haven't been taking as many pictures with my phone so I haven't had much to post.

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