Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Phone Dump

Here's the latest round of cell phone pictures. I hadn't been taking many hence the lack of weekly phone dumps.

"Smile for mommy!" I swear they only pay attention to me when they want to.

Our harvest from the garden one morning. None of the cherry tomatoes made it into the house, they were consumed immediately by two little girls.

Addison's picture of the front yard and driveway.

I guess I didn't apply enough sunscreen for her satisfaction while at the splash pad last week.

Two of the many pumpkins we have growing in our garden.

Somebody was a little on the anxious side for her nightly bath. Diaper and shirt were still on.

Helping daddy browse for some bolts at Lowes. We got free popcorn while we were there.

Our first group bonfire of the season. Bandit was allowed to roam freely among the group.

Nothing like the smell of freshly bathed babies.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

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