Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Part III

We had one more adventure in our month long Halloween celebration before actual trick-or-treat and it was the now annual, Brooks Halloween party. We didn't take the girls last year because of how young they were but we drug them along this year and they had a blast. I only allowed Cadence to stay for a few hours and then took her to her mamaw's but Addison held up all night. I'll let some of the pictures describe just how creative the Brooks are at their party planning. Daniel said growing up they went all out every Halloween and I think they are part of the reason why he loves Halloween so much.

This past Saturday we took the girls trick-or-treating in my mother-in-laws neighborhood. Our current house is out in the country so we couldn't exactly take the girls around our place. They were both a little stand offish at first but they eventually warmed up to the fact that at every door they went to, they were given candy. In our house candy is actually called camdy and by that night we were having to hide their buckets because they were on sugar overload.

Visiting with their great aunt Nanny while we were in the neighborhood.
We were afraid they would never get to sleep buy thankfully a walk around the block with no nap equaled being out cold by the time we were off my mother-in-laws street. I wish I would have snapped a picture of them asleep but I didn't think of it then. My mother-in-law gave them each their own light up wand to carry around with them while they were trick-or-treating and they both feel asleep in the car seats with them in their hands. The purple glow of the wand cast a little purple light against their chubby little faces and it melted my heart. Addison's snores even made us a giggle a little bit.

I can't believe another Halloween with them has gone by but thanks to my camera it's one that I won't soon forget. I'm pretty sure Addison is going to be disappointed tomorrow when they drop them off with their mamaw while I go to an appointment. I don't think it has hit her yet that trick-or-treat is a once a year event. 

Now...whose ready for turkey?? Or wait, is it Christmas? Since the stores have had Christmas stuff out for a couple of weeks around here I'm getting all of these holidays mixed up.

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