Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Part II

Our second adventure this Halloween season was a trip to the pumpkin patch. Since moving further north we can't see driving over an hour away to go to the pumpkin patch that we've frequented in the past so this year we changed it up a bit.

We took the girls to Young's Dairy which has a little bit of everything for young children. We went on a Sunday when the wind was really bad due to incoming storms but we made the best of the time we had before the rain hit.

The ladies first got to select a pumpkin of their own which Addison was a pro at. The girl knew what she wanted, however, her little sister needed a bit of help from mommy. I was helping to coax the pumpkin picking along so can you believe not a single picture was taken.

The next adventure consisted of petting and feeding the goats, visiting the baby cow, and a few other farm animals inside the barn and lastly, visiting the cows. They loved seeing all of the animals but didn't understand why the cows didn't want to come over and actually visit with them.

The third stop at the farm was their ride on the Moovers & Shakers train ride. Train ride in this instance being a golf cart pulling a bunch of barrels around but you get the drift. We were skeptical at how Cadence would do riding in a barrel by herself and of course my mommy brain immediately started thinking of how she might want out during the ride and then falling out and being run over, but she surprised us all and had a ball. She hung on to the steering wheel for dear life, but you could tell she was a happy little girl getting to be big and brave all by herself. I was holding her tonight close to my chest and I just couldn't get over the fact that she is almost two years old. Both of my babies are growing up so fast it's mind boggling at times.

 Lastly, we played on the big tires and the old tractor but the wind kept getting worse and we could see the storm clouds rolling in so we decided to head on out. We were going to eat in their restaurant there but the wait was 45 minutes long so we passed and headed to mamaw's for tacos.

I absolutely adore doing this kind of stuff with the girls. It's the day before Halloween and those pumpkins haven't been carved yet, but its the thought that counts. These are memories and traditions that I hope that they hold dear to their heart even after I'm long gone.

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