Friday, January 24, 2014

Matt, 26, Dayton Ohio

Today is "Show us your singles" on Kelly's Korner. I've done this once before for my brother Matt and he is once again available so we're going to give it another shot. 

Matt is 26 years old, he and our brother Steve are twins. He graduated from Wright State University with a degree in computer engineering and currently works as a system administrator overseeing a collection of computer servers assisting with data transactions. 

This picture is over four years old. Imagine him a little bulkier from weight lifting and with a little less hair. When he and our brother were born our uncle gifted them each with a big, stuffed, while lion. Matt carried on the tradition when I became pregnant with my oldest daughter. That's right ladies...he's sentimental.
He is looking for a woman who considers others before herself, knows and appreciates the value of open ears, is kind, gentle, and empathizes well. He is hoping for a long term relationship that will one day lead to marriage and a family. 

Matt is on the far left. Having babies in this family is a big event and everyone is on hand. 
He loves to eat, laugh, play computer and video games, and enjoys spending time at the gym. His gym time is a time for personal reflection to keep his mind and body healthy. 

He is just as content to sit at home sharing a pizza and watching a movie as he is going out to a nice restaurant and catching the latest movie. 

A girl that would enjoy taking in some WWE with our brother and sister-in-law just as much as she would a play would be a major plus. A woman who is just as comfortable in jeans and no make-up as she is with heels and and an up-do and who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. A woman that loves animals, especially large dogs is a plus. 

He is always spending time with our brother and his wife and he currently shares an apartment with our baby sister and her boyfriend so a woman who values and appreciates family is a requirement. 

Us four kids. I'm on the far right and Matt is standing next to me. 
He dislikes this cold weather, don't we He also dislikes people who are deceitful, tardy, and who are selfish. 

Matt can come across as shy and reserved at first but once he warms up and is comfortable with the people he is around he livens up. A women with a sense of humor, dry or otherwise, would be a great fit for him and he would also appreciate a woman that he can have a meaningful conversation with.

As my brother I guess I can be pretty biased about him but as the mother of his two nieces I can honestly say that I would love for my daughters to one day come home and tell me that they've met the man of their dreams and that he has similar qualities as their uncle Matt. He is loving, generous (he offered to buy us a dog for Christmas), and is not prejudice or hold grudges. He is self sufficient but doesn't spend extravagantly. We were born and raised Catholic and of the four of us kids he is the most religious. While being Catholic isn't a requirement, loving our Lord and believing in prayer is.

If you are interested in making a connection with my brother please contact me at and I'll pass along your info to him. 

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