Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daddy's First Surgery

This past June Daniel underwent his very first surgery. It was a minor surgery just removing his gall bladder but he was a tad on the nervous side as anyone would be. I felt completely out of place not being the patient for once and I hope that my suggestions and real life experience with surgery helped him a little bit. He arrived at the hospital very early that morning and it was a family event for us. The girls got a kick out of "riding" his hospital bed and eating lunch in the cafeteria.

His surgery was outpatient so we got to take him home that afternoon where the ladies and I took care of him and he was back to work within a week. I'm proud to be married to such a hardworking man always doing what he can to support his family. I would have soaked up as much time on the couch as possible. I never can because he always manages to get called out of town for work the week I come home from the This past surgery I had no help taking care of the girls, house, and animals and we wonder why I have a massive hernia at the site of one of my incisions, hmmm.

Anyway, here are some pictures of his big day in the hospital.

Hey there sexy

I love Cadence's pose in this picture. We had just gotten there and she apparently had had enough already.

Out like a light on her mammaw.

Daddy was kind enough to let Addie watch cartoons while we waited for the surgeon to arrive.

Daddy was out of surgery and she was out for the count again.

Paging Dr. Addison! 
After he was in recovery and we were allowed back to see him mammaw left and took sleeping beauty with her. Addison refused to leave her mommy and daddy so she stuck around which was when the above picture was taken. If she doesn't grow up to become a nurse or doctor I will really be shocked.

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