Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Redo

The start of my 2014 hasn't gone as well as I expected. Sadly, it seems to be a trend for a lot of people.

After a lengthy battle with renal failure, my mammaw Ison went to be with the Lord on January 4th. We knew her days were numbered but she wanted so badly to be present when my neice gives birth to her first child this spring. Mammaw wanted to be able to take a five generation photograph with the new baby so that this child would have something with her great mammaw. After having complications during her dialysis the Friday before her death she decided that she couldn't go on and made everyone aware that she no longer wanted to be resuscitated.

Geneva Lou Ison

She took her last breath very early Saturday morning. The Ison family is a very tight knit family and mammaws death has hit us all very hard. We are comforted in the fact that this Godly woman is now in the presence of our Lord.

As if burying my mammaw wasn't difficult enough, my uncle Dan was rushed to the hospital this past Sunday afternoon. If you have read my blog for very long you will know my feelings for my uncle Dan. I love this man like I love my own father and step-father. He has been in declining health for the past ten years or so and we found out that he had double pneumonia middle of last week. His condition kept worsening but he refused to go to the hospital.

Well, my cousin Heather and I were having none of that and we both headed to him on Sunday afternoon where after about an hour of pleading with him to go the hospital the decision was made to call 911. We finally got him to agree to the hospital but we became well aware that there was no way we were going to be able to get him out to the Yukon by ourselves. I don't think any of us truly knew how bad he was until the paramedics arrived. He went from bad to worse in just the few minutes it took to call 911 and for them to arrive.

He was in critical condition and crashed en route to the hospital so they had to detour and take him to a closer hospital. He is still in critical condition at the hospital with a 50/50 chance of recovery and without going into a lot of details he has a long road of recovery ahead of him if he does pull through. The more prayers he can receive the better. As you can imagine, our family is very upset as he is a vital part of our lives My aunt Robin and my cousin Heather are distraught.

Also, I had yet another colonoscopy yesterday because of some issues that I've been having. My GI was concerned that my Crohns was starting to return. It hasn't!!

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