Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Trip to the Bowling Alley

I am playing catch up on the blog so please excuse the out of order posts. I want to make sure I post all of these events to have for the future.

This past summer I enrolled the girls in a free summer bowling program at our local bowling alley. I thought it would be fun to get out of the house and the best part was that it was free with the exception of their shoe rental. They have fun during that first game but by the time we would start on the second game we would lose them and it was time to head to mammaws house for lunch.

"Mom said something about our balls coming out of this hole."

Poor Cadence had to wear socks with skids on the bottom because they didn't have shoes small enough for her.

Getting ready to drop and roll.


My baby and her cute pig tails. 

Cadence needed assistance from mammaw. 

And of course Addison was available for assistance as well.

My cute Addison Grace.
I love getting out and about and doing fun stuff like this for the girls. It's always a big plus when the stuff is I also love that my mother-in-law loves the girls and I so much that she is always ready and willing to join in on the fun. We have the best times together and I'm sure not many women can say that about spending time with their mother-in-law.

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