Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part II

My sister and her family live about three hours away from us now and this year they decided that instead of traveling home on Christmas day or being here beforehand and having their kids open presents at a grandparents house that they would stay at their house and travel back to Dayton a few days later.

For the first time in thirty years of my life, I didn't spend Christmas with my dad or his side of the family with the exception of Heather. It was definitely different but I must admit, it was nice not having so many stops in one day. We got to take our time visiting family this year and actually savor the moment.

We held the Murphy gathering this past Saturday and once again we got to sit back and enjoy ourselves and not feel so rushed.


My uncle Dan and aunt Robin. I always seem to get her eating something and she HATES when I take her picture.  She may kill me if she sees I posted this

I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, and took some BBQ smoked sausages to munch on while we waited for everyone to arrive for dinner. My aunt made ham and an awesome roast that just fell apart and melted in your mouth, and my dad made chicken and dumplings. The dinner was so good and I almost made myself sick because I went back for a second helping of mashed potatoes and stuffing...totally worth it though.

I love Dylan's grin. He made me take several photos of him while we were waiting to open presents.
For Christmas this year I had a bunch of prints made for each family member from our trip to Cedar Point. I framed them up and everyone was touched to receive them. My aunt and uncle even cried a little. I also had a photo book made for them and my dad and his girlfriend and they were a big hit. To this day buying my camera was the best purchase that I've ever made. I didn't take a lot of pictures last year but I've tried a little harder this year and with the help of my camera tripod that Daniel gifted me with one year, I was able to take a nice family picture of all of us at Cedar Point.

My dad and Donna opening up their pictures from us.
For Christmas two years ago Daniel bought me two Rachel Ray skillets. Our pots and other pans are in bad shape so I've been wanting a set of her other pots and pans for awhile now. Even when we had the money to buy them I just couldn't bring myself to purchase them so this year my dad and Donna gifted them to us. I was so excited I could have cried.

Me and my new pots and pans.
The girls got lots more clothing and they both got little Nerf guns. The three of us were upstairs last night having a Nerf war and I had a blast.

The kids must have been good this year. Lots of present opening.
My favorite part of the holidays is the time I get to spend with my family. These people are the highlight of my days and it does this mommas heart good to know and see that their love for me has extended down to my daughters. I'm blessed beyond words and was so thankful that my Crohns disease behaved itself on Christmas day. I'm in a much better place this year than I was last year and even up until a few weeks ago.

Haylee, Addison, Dylan, Ireland, and Cadence. And yes, my kid is half naked again. Ireland stripped down shortly after this picture since it was so hot in the house.
I hope that each and everyone one of you stopping by my little blog had a wonderful holiday season. 

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