Monday, December 8, 2014

Look out Honey Boo Boo...

I got a brilliant idea the other week after picking up a brochure at our local mall that I would enter both of my ladies into a beauty pageant.

Now before you go crazy and start getting visions of TLC's Toddlers and Tiara's and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo this is a laid back pageant and we did it mostly for fun and the experience.

The ladies were each in their own age division and they didn't need to wear make-up or have some crazy talent which was right up our alley.

I bought them the prettiest Christmas dresses and my mother-in-law sprung for them to have their hair professionally done at my hair salon.

The pageant was this past Friday and we started the process at 3 o'clock at the salon.

First we started off with a shampoo...

 Then we moved on to cuts...

Next up blow dries...

Then the curls and styling begun...

The styling part is where things got tricky with Cadence. She was in nap mode and kept falling asleep. She had the head bob down pat and was making things very challenging for her stylist.

She had everyone in the salon cracking up. It's hard work being a little beauty pageant contestant bless her little heart.

The finished products...

I just loved how their hair turned out and I think they really enjoyed being pampered for an hour.

After our hair appointment it was time to run home and begin the process of getting dressed. I chose navy and silver dresses for them to wear in hopes that it would bring out the blue in their eyes. We also ran through our pageant mini dance once more.

The pageant was held at our local mall and it was very small. Each of the ladies had two other girls in their division.

Cadence got to go up first and because she is only three, I got to go on the stage with her. First, all of the girls go up and stand for a few minutes and then they come off only to go back up once again but one at a time for further judging.

Next was the 4-6 age division which is where Addison fell in. She had to go up all by herself and she was so brave.

After all of the girls went up on stage they tallied the scores and started the award ceremony.

First up was Cadence...

She won prettiest eyes, prettiest smile, and most photogenic.

And then...she was crowned Queen. She won her division!!!!
The next group up was Addison's....

She won prettiest smile, prettiest hair, and best personality.

And then...she won Queen, just like her sister.


I still can't believe both of my ladies won their divisions. We did this just for fun but because they placed they have their fees paid for if we were to choose to take them to state.

They have had the best time wearing their tiara and medals and toting around their trophies.

We're still debating on whether we'll take them to state but at least they had fun and got to experience the process and I must admit, it was so cool to have both of my daughters crown as Queen.

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