Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Photos and a visit with the Big Guy

Every year I always take advantage of Portrait Innovations $19.99 portrait special for Christmas. Usually it's our one and only family photo of the year but since we had family pictures done this past fall I decided I was only going to torture the girls.

I loved how well their pictures came out. So much so that I had to buy a bigger package so I could get more than just one pose.

My two beautiful babies that look nothing alike.

After our portrait session we headed to the local mall and decided to get our annual family picture with Santa and then stuff ourselves with soft pretzels.

I'm not sure why Cadence has to have the deer in headlights look in so many pictures, but it was a good picture none the less. Even if it was off center and will aggravate me for the rest of my days.

After our visit with the Big Guy we sought after our beloved soft pretzel bites. It's not uncommon for the ladies and I to make random stops to the food court for a girls date with pretzel bites and they ask for them every time we go to the mall. You can imagine the horror when we were told that they were out of soft pretzels. Soft pretzels were a part of our outing that day and I still haven't figured out how a soft pretzel place could be OUT of soft pretzels but I was in so much shock I didn't ask. The ladies were distraught but settled for the crappy broccoli and chicken from the Chinese place.

After we all finished our lunch the girls and daddy rode the train that is set up in the mall for the Christmas season and then we headed to Macy's where we wrote our letters to Santa and mailed them for the Make A Wish campaign.

The girls have been extremely naughty for the past week or so. I really don't understand why it takes my children so many times of being told not to do something before they actually stop doing it. Cadence must have been worried about her status on Santa's list because she mailed that poor letter off before I could even snap a picture.

Hopefully he receives their letters in time or there could be some unhappy faces on Christmas morning.

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