Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

Christmas is my favorite time of year to decorate and I've gotten to the point where I have more decorations than I do the space to display them. I guess if that's the worst of my holiday problems than we're good to go.

Daniel, like Halloween, loves decorating for Christmas. He's in charge of the outside while I'm in charge of the inside.

Welcome to our Holiday Homestead...

First up, just a few of the decorations we have inside.

The mesh wreath that I made last year. It graces our front porch.

Our new stockings. I've been fighting with that garland for weeks to look right.

My favorite Santa and one of my favorite Scentsy warmers.

Our family tree.

The ladies tree in their bedroom.

Now, it's time for our Clark Griswold (a.k.a. Daniel) production. The outside of our home.

The front of the house.

The side of the house. This was the first year that Daniel put lights on the big tree out back.

My favorite decorations. Daniel used tomato cages and wrapped them with lights and garland.

We've had this wreath for years but this year a nice red bow was added and it makes it look even better.

Our blow up Christmas trees along the garage.

Santa must have slipped on the roof during an earlier visit.

Our new to us reindeer.

We do in fact have lots of cookies and milk.

Mr. Halloween just had to add a touch of his all time favorite holiday to his second favorite decorating holiday.
A new addition this year. I couldn't resist buying him.

Our vintage Santa. We have two this year which is weird, but I just go with the flow.

We bought two similar snowmen this year from people for dirt cheap. This one is in much better shape than the other who is missing an arm and is bandaged up in spots.
Thank you for joining me on a quick tour of our Holiday Home tour. I could add so many more indoor pictures but I'll spare everyone the time...lol.

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