Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly phone picture dump

I've decided that Wednesday will be my weekly phone dump here on the blog. Of course I'm extremely late posting my second edition. Do you expect anything less from me?

Ready, set, go!!

Riding Sandy the horse at Meijer.

Addie's turn. Sister couldn't figure out how to hold her sugar cookie and hold the reigns at the same time.

I'm trying to work with Addie in hopes that she can start saying her numbers so I was making construction cut outs in the shape of fish. She had to try out her new scissors on all of my scraps.

Lazy Sunday here at home. Everyone is asleep but me and I've had the least amount of sleep.

For the very first time, she brought me a hair pretty to put in her hair. I don't think she had even had her breakfast yet.

Sunglasses? Check, Cell phone? Check.

After watching Daddy cut Bandits nail's she had to try as well.

Apparently this is the new way to sit in your recliner. 

I'm going to try really hard to have the next issue published on Wednesday. Please don't hold your breath or place any money on it! :)

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