Thursday, July 5, 2012

Festival Time=Family Time

Not many know, but I was a private school kid while growing up. I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I attended a private Catholic school from first through eighth grade. Every summer our church would throw a festival and up until last year, I hadn't been to one of the festivals since I was a small girl. 

This past summer marks the second summer that my Uncle Dan and Aunt Robin have lived right behind the church and school. It makes it perfect to be able to attend with the girls. When we start hitting meltdown mode, we just stroll back to Dan and Robins and chill out for awhile. 

This year Cadence was old enough to ride a couple of the rides, even though this was the day after our late night/early morning ER run for her. It was so hot that after spending about an hour or so at the festival, we went back to Dan and Robins and allowed the girls to swim in the kiddie pool. I had serious mommy guilt by that evening because it had been so hot out that her rash just got out of control by the time we got home. Looking back on it we should have kept her home in the air conditioner, but we had been looking forward to this day for months and it didn't help that my sister and her kids were in town and would finally be joining us. I hated to miss out, not only for me, but for the girls as well. We made it up to Cadence over the next few days by not allowing her to step foot outdoors. My poor baby. She had a good time up until the end when she was just tired. 

Remind me never to drive with these ladies. Neither one of them have their eyes on the road.

Daddy had to ride with Cadence because she wasn't tall enough. She's back there behind Addie's head.

See, she's there right next to her Daddy. Mommy sat out to take pictures.

Addie and Haley riding the big swing.

Princess took a beverage break while waiting for her sissy to get off of the swing. This was her very first Icee, we put it in a bigger cup with a straw though so she didn't end up wearing it like her sister did last year.

Cooling off with the pool and mommy's milkshake.

Still slurping away at mommy's milkshake. My beverages are never safe with her and Addie around.
 While we enjoyed ourselves at the festival, we enjoyed our time with family even more. Now that my sister has moved away and my cousin Heather doesn't always have a reliable mode of transportation, we don't get to spend a lot of time together like we did growing up.

My niece, Ireland. Such a cutie!

As my sister called them...The Diaper Gang.

A few of the adults.

I think we have one more summer with them at their house to attend the festival, as they will be moving shortly thereafter to be closer to us and my cousin Heather and her family.

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