Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoken like a true toddler.

Since my surgery in April and receiving my ileostomy, I have begun carrying around a little bag filled with ostomy supplies in case we are ever out and about and I run into issues that require a flange and bag change. I am still getting used to this process and I pray that I will never have to do it out in public, but I take my bag just in case.

Often times I will keep it with the diaper bag and Addison always insists on carrying out mommy's "poop bag" because that's what big girls do. Such a good little helper. I love her and her little sister so much.

Anyway, since Addie usually always keeps a toy or two in the Yukon so she has something to hold on to, we didn't find it strange that she switched out her stuffed pink unicorn for her purple, talking picnic basket. Addison being the funny child that she is, has decided that her purple, talking picnic basket, is now her "poop bag" and she isn't shy in telling people that that is what it is. I can only imagine what people must think.

She also isn't shy when telling people of my little issue. She finds my actual "poop bag" or ostomy bag as we adults know it as, as the most fascinating thing ever. So now my lovely child walks around saying "mommy poop comin", "mommy poop bag"...thank you my precious child for outing me wherever we go. She is always making me smile!

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