Friday, November 21, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was like the never ending story for us this year. We celebrated for three weekends in a row and I was so glad when it was all over.

We kicked off our festivities by hosting our annual family Halloween party. We had amazing food, the kids had a variety of games to play, and what made it even more amazing was that my sister and her family were in town for a wedding so they were able to join us after having been absent for a few years.

The second event we attended was trunk-or-treat at the ladies school. I'm pretty sure our trunk was the scariest and we passed out over 600 pieces of candy to all of the kids who participated. It was a great time and the girls loved getting to hang out with friends and other kids around their age without mommy and daddy following behind them checking on their every move.

The third event was trick-or-treat at my mother-in-laws house. Daniel and his mom took the girls out while I stayed back to pass out candy. One of the downfalls of having Crohns disease is that walking around the neighbor is more of a challenge than I'm willing to take on. It's especially difficult after having had a taco dinner. The girls walked up and down both sides of Sue's street and then they were content to come back and help pass out candy.

Halloween is Daniel's favorite holiday. He went full out decorating at our house and he took a few of his pieces with him to his mom's to set up. He also dressed up so he got quite the kick of everyone who was either afraid of the decorations or was afraid of him or heck, even both.

Our next event was the ladies Halloween party at school. I am their room mom this year so I had the privilege of organizing and setting everything up. We had so many parents come and help and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I was so glad that it was a hit for all who participated.

Addison went in her sister's Elsa costume.

Cadence went in her sister's scary clown costume.

We had lots of snacks, play a game, and made paper plate ghosts which were a big hit.
Our final event was trick-or-treating at my dad's house. We brought pizza to fill up on before heading out and it was delicious. The weather was horrible so we only hit a few houses before calling it a night and going back and helping to pass out candy to all of those people willing to brave the weather. When trick-or-treat ended that night we made a short pit stop to my aunt and uncles to visit for a few.

I was so glad to get home that night and begin the process of dismantling all that was Halloween around our house. The outside had to begin right away as the wind was blowing decorations everywhere.

Daniel made the majority of the decorations himself since he isn't working and they turned out great. We had several people stop in the cars and compliment him on his work and everything he had done.

Now he's working on Christmas...Lord help my checking

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