Monday, November 24, 2014

Family Pictures

I mentioned in my post about Bandit how I lost a cousin this past year. In September my 33 year old cousin, Trina, passed away very unexpectedly. It hit all of us very hard as we had just lost our grandmother in January.

Trina was one of the most loving and compassionate people you would ever have known. It's been a couple of months now but everyone is still having a hard time understanding why someone so young and loved was taken from us. Her birthday is around Thanksgiving and with all of the holidays coming up the family is going to be going through a really rough patch.

Her death was so out of the blue that I decided to have family pictures taken as soon as possible. I had a photographer whose work I had admired for a few years take them and they turned out perfect. I figured I needed to stop putting it off because tomorrow wasn't promised to any of us.

I look at these pictures and just smile. God has blessed with me such a beautiful family and my baby girls, well, they just melt my heart.

I can't believe this baby is going to be five in a just a few short months.
My sassy almost four year old. Boy does she keep us on our toes.

My wish for them is to always be the best of friends.

It was so cold the day we shot these but both ladies were troopers.

My absolute favorite picture of the entire session. I'm so glad I chose blue as our wardrobe color.

I own the copyright to each and every of these pictures. They are not to be copied, or redistributed without my permission. You can find the photographer at the link below.

Hilary Sievers Photography

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