Friday, October 30, 2009

My Ride

Back in 2006 Daniel and I were newly engaged, I was back in the world of being a self sufficient adult living on my own, and the car that I was given (given but still had to make the monthly payment on) was nearing that last payment. I had dreamt of the day when I would write that check to my Mother knowing that I would be without a car payment. Then it happened, I realized I was an adult with an excellent credit rating surrounded by people who were buying new cars left and right. I woke up on a Sunday morning explained to Daniel that now that we were becoming a family we needed a bigger vehicle and because neither of our vehicles at the time were new enough to take on trips we needed a new one. "I will make the payment, you add me and the car to your car insurance and together we will have some new wheels!" is how we worked it out.

I had no clue what I wanted and throughout the years my tastes had constantly changed. The first car I wanted was blue Chevy Camaro, then I moved on to a cherry apple red Ford Mustang, then it was a hunter green Pontiac Grand Am, then I moved onto the Navy Blue Pontiac Grand Prix and somewhere between the Pontiac's was the red Chevy Monte Carlo. Now I could actually buy one of those on my own and I had no idea what I wanted and if I still wanted them. So we drove on down to the local Pontiac dealership and test drove the Pontiac Torrent which I liked but I also new I had more options in this big world of ours so we said our thanks to the salesman and said we wanted to continue weighing our options. We got into my car and then made our way to a Chevy dealership where we found the Chevy Equinox. We got there in time to talk to a salesman however not in time to test drive anything so we looked around, took his card and headed back to my place.

I am still not sure why I made the decision I did but I made one and I decided on the Equinox. I called the salesman arranged a time to test drive it and picked it up on a Monday night to "play with" overnight. By Tuesday I was in love and just knew that this was the vehicle for me, the vehicle that I knew was destined for when I became a mother, it was my Mommy mobile I explained. My loan got approved and in fact I bought the car at the right moment. While they were still reviewing my application Chevy came out with their 100% financing plan for qualified buyers and lucky me qualified. I was approved for a loan that would only include the cost of the car and absolutely no interest...YAY!! So by the end of the week this ride came home with me.

I was in love and I just kept telling people over and over's my Mommy mobile, we needed something like this for when we have kids.

Well, here we are three years later and my dreams of becoming a Mommy have come true but it has left me with one serious question.

What in the hell was I thinking???

Seriously, it's big enough for the hubby and I and about two of our dogs and that's it. Now I am supposed to stuff in there a carseat, stroller in the back, and still be able to get groceries in there with all of that. And what in gods name am I supposed to do if we have to take a dog to the vet or some sort of event. There is no way I will be able to have all of that in this vehicle along with a dog! And there is no way we are taking two cars to one place and besides, no dogs are allowed in the 300m that has leather interior. Mommy mobile...honestly Katie you just wanted a new car and that's what you had to tell yourself to sign the papers and not throw up everywhere.

So now I am left with yet another I need to swallow my pride and eventually when the money situation straightens out, buy one of these?

A minivan???????


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  1. I have a Torrent, which is pretty much the same size as your Equinox, and let me assure you that it has ample room for the carseat, the stroller, AND groceries. I can't speak to your point about the dogs, but I promise you that everything else fits in my car. Babies come with a lot of stuff, true, but your Equinox should definitely be able to hold most of it -- with room left over! (Again, I'm sure the dogs complicate matters.)