Friday, October 23, 2009

Another great appointment

We had yet another great appointment this morning. Addison was very cooperative when it came time to hold still for the heartbeat and it clocked in at 151. I was very proud, especially since she hasn't been quite as active this week which worried her Mommy just a tad. My blood pressure is great, my urine came back clean as a whistle and to top it all off I was informed of how much weight I have gained during the pregnancy so far...are you sitting down??

Ready....I have gained a whopping...two pounds. That's right my friends, I am six months pregnant and have only gained two whole pounds. I am not sure if God is playing a cruel joke where he's going to allow my weight to stay the same and then overnight I balloon up to the size of a beached whale or what. I told the Doctor it was because I was like a grizzly bear, I had already stored up enough fat that my body didn't need anymore for this baby to grow. She's knocked up as well so I don't know if she laughed because it was funny or laughed because she couldn't hit me Thinking about it though I think my weight gain or lack there of has something to do with the fact I had been on steroids for the past year. I think my body trying to go back to normal plus growing a little peanut in my belly has thrown everything off. I will be curious to see what the weight gain will be in any future pregnancies.

I did mention the gall bladder issues I had last week and she reassured me once again that even though I am miserable the baby is not affected at all. To be safe rather than sorry we are doing another ultrasound just to make sure it's still a normal size. If it doesn't come back bad then she pretty much told me I needed to suck it up and deal with it, not in those exact words though. Since the baby isn't affected the possible side affects of a surgery with an unborn child on board are not worth the risk. I guess since I have suffered with it this long, another three months won't kill me, especially since I will be rewarded so nicely in the end.

Since we forgot to ask during our last ultrasound I did remember to ask how the baby looked then. Was she normal in size? What is my due date according to the ultrasound? Is she healthy?
I got wonderful answers to each of my questions, she is measuring perfect, my due date according to the ultrasound stills says the 10th or the 11th (they still won't change it from the 18th though), and she is healthy as a horse!! I brought up my Remicade infusions and I was told because of them they wanted an ultrasound done every four to six weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy so that they can monitor her growth. That means I should be getting a better profile shot of my dear daughter. Since she wouldn't hold still last time they got her profile as her head was tilted so it wasn't the best.

Anyway, it's Friday which means I don't have to come to work tomorrow and plus I had a great appointment, what more could I ask for??


  1. So glad things are going great! It's so funny to me that we both wrote about our piddly weight gains today. At least the babies are growing like they should be, and we can indulge in more delicious desserts. :)

  2. With my first, I gained 80 lbs. Yes, you read that right. With my second, at my appt. right before she was born, I weighed 2 lbs. LESS than I did when I got pregnant. At my checkup after she was born, I weighed what I did when I got pregnant. I still weigh that today. I'm not telling how much of that is left over from the 80 I gained the first time!