Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dearest Child...

Can you please take mercy on your poor mother and allow her to get some much needed sleep? You don't allow me to sleep on my back, you get mad when I attempt to sleep on my sides, and obviously sleeping on my tummy is out of the question. I refuse to sleep in the recliner out in the living room, have you ever heard three Great Danes snoring all at the same time? Last night I felt like I was on a ship due to the tossing and turning that I was constantly doing to find some sort of comfortable position, when your father who used to be in the Navy by the way, wakes up sea sick one morning, I am blaming you little one!!

Now we have four more months of this to go and I realize you are only going to get bigger and that your sleeping quarters are getting smaller but PLEASE give me at least one side, preferably my left. If not I will be withholding the tangerines that you seem to thoroughly love for the remainder of this pregnancy and until you get teeth!!


  1. Ah yes. If you find a way to sleep peacefully, share your secret! It's the same thing with me -- I toss and turn all night long and just can't get comfortable.

  2. Good luck with that one!!! I think it's every pregnant woman's dream to find a comfortable position to sleep in. In the history of humankind, I don't think there has been a lasting success. Don't'll be able to sleep better in...oh, wait...nevermind. I'm still waiting!!! Love the baby blog!!!