Friday, April 30, 2010


To the rotten individual who somehow abducted the perfect little angel that I brought home from the hospital on February 20th listen up! You have until 10 p.m. tonight to bring her back home to her adoring parents and take the child that you replaced her with who refuses to be content.

Seriously though, Addison has cried more in the past three days than she has in the entire two and a half months that she has been alive. She doesn't sleep which means Mommy and Daddy are barely sleeping. She cries in her swing, bumbo chair, and her boppy chair. We pick her up to console her and she still cries.

I have switched the nipples on her bottles from the slow vent to fast vent, added rice cereal (which pains me greatly by the way), added her gas drops to the mix, and gave her her first dose of grape flavored Tylenol and nothing worked. The minute I gave her the Tylenol she settled down and became very content but it wasn't from the Tylenol because it is impossible to work the second you give it to a baby. The contentment only lasted about two hours though before she was back at it and I didn't see the point in giving her anymore.

I hope that she is just experiencing colic or having a hard time adjusting to our new schedule. Daniel has started on third shift so the poor girl is forced to sleep all night with me and then go right back to bed with Daddy when he gets home at 6:30 in the morning.

No matter what the problem is I know one thing...I DEMAND that my perfect little angel come home to me immediately. I miss you immensely!!!


Your grieving and very exhausted Mother~~

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  1. Ugh. Boy, do I ever know the feeling. They like to keep us guessing, huh? Don't feel bad about the rice cereal; Will's been getting it in his bottle since he was two months old. We did the same thing with Andrew. In Andrew's case it helped with his sleeping, but in Will's case not so much (as you know since it's pretty much ALL I write about these days).

    I'm sorry she's not happy these days. I'm sure she'll be just fine soon. In the meantime, look at it as practice for when she acts this way all the time when she's a teenager! :)