Saturday, February 13, 2010

Someones about to make their grand debut...

Good news...since Addison doesn't want to join us on our own we're going in after We leave for the hospital Monday night to start the induction process. The Doctor warned it's going to be long and hard but she thinks it should work and we won't have to have a c-section. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and just think...the next time I post will be with a picture of the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen, well at least that's what I will think!! :)


  1. YAY, how exciting! It's about time that little girl came out into the world. I will definitely keep all three of you in my prayers. I can't wait to see pictures!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. Thinking of you today! I hope your sweet little girl is close to making her arrival. I can't wait to see her!