Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Addison Grace Blankenship come out right now please!!

I am well aware that while tight, your accommodations are probably quite cozy with a nice heat source that doesn't come with an outrageous Vectren bill, your love of Big Boys with extra tarter sauce, and the overall knowledge that at this time you don't have to do anything but grow is enough to keep anyone inside of my uterus but for crying out loud child...COME OUT!

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow which is great and makes us that much closer to your arrival but do you think that you could at least try to help dilate my cervix. I mean I am 39 weeks pregnant and the term "thick and closed" is not one you want to hear when you are that far along into a pregnancy. Then add on top of that the Doctor doesn't even want to discuss induction right now because if I were to be induced at my stage more than likely they would end up going in after you and I do not want to be cut open to retrieve you.

So please in order to give Mommy and Daddy some relief and a much needed break from work, even though taking care of you will be work in it's own right, let's make some progress shall we?? I am not asking for much...a centimeter or two would work just fine. Even my blood pressure is starting to go up so before it gets any worse lets get crackin'.

Now that I have said that I would also like to add about how quickly this progress should take place. I have tested positive for Group B Strep which means that before you come I MUST have IV antibiotics to ensure your health and safety. What this means for you is none of this I'm a Murphy funny business you want me to come I will come gosh darn't. This means that we need to progress slowly that way Mommy has time to recognize that it's time to go to the hospital but still have plenty of time to get at least one dose of medicine in her. So when I get to the hospital and they tell me "oh you're about 3 centimeters" that does not mean speed up and shoot to ten within an hour.

Thank you for listening, now let's see how stubborn you are and whether you actually paid attention to what I have just said.

I love you no matter what though...always remember that!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for done progress! She really will be here before you know it! :)

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