Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We've picked our bedding and here within the next month or so are going to begin the big nursery project. I absolutely cannot wait until that room is done and I can go in there and sit waiting until the day I get to lay my little one down in his or her crib. This bedding is one that we had originally picked but after Babies R Us decided to no longer sell it we settled for something else at Wal-Mart. Well low and behold I ran across our first pick today at a different store that we will be registering at as well and I was so excited I just had to call Daniel and tell him the good news. I gave him two options, we can either do this one no matter what sex the baby is or we can go crazy and do pinks and purples if we're having a girl, needless to say he said a big fact NO to the pinks and purples so this is the winner no matter what. What do you think??
This one was our back up plan and the one we already showed everyone...oops.

I like the farm animals so much better Baby B is going to be a little cowgirl or cowboy!

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