Friday, August 21, 2009


Even though I am lacking in the posting department there are several blogs that I follow daily. A blog that I have found myself drawn to on a daily basis is called "Three Cheers for Babies". After discovering Brooke through her cooking blog I became an avid follower of her baby blog as well. After years of unsuccessful tries at motherhood she and her husband Joe finally conceived after a successful fertility treatment. They quickly discovered that not only did the treatment work, but it worked thrice. They were pregnant with three wonderful little babies. Sadly Brooke delivered very early in her pregnancy and her triplets; Charlie, Lily, and Annaleigh were born prematurely. Even though they have had their share of ups and downs the babies continued to grow and thrive in the NICU.

Sadly Annaleigh unexpectedly was diagnosed with a disease called NEC today, it affects the digestive system of the baby and it moves very swiftly. Often times the babies recover after having the setback but in Annaleigh's case it was too late. Her surgeon discovered that her bowels were completely dead and essentially there was nothing that they could do. More than likely Annaleigh will not survive the weekend, possibly not even the night. Being pregnant with my first child after years of trying I can relate to the miracle that their conception and ultimate birth was. I can't relate though to what they must be going through. The pain and sadness that they are feeling is one I pray that I never have to experience as a parent. Tonight, please keep Brooke, Joe, and Annaleigh along with their others babies in your thoughts and prayers. I pray that God takes Annaleigh peacefully and that he allows Charlie and Lily to continue to grow and thrive in honor of the sister that they will never know or experience.

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  1. I've been crying over little Annaleigh ever since I read Joe's post earlier today. I've been following their blog too and I'm just so sad for them. It all happened so quickly.