Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I think it's safe to say that the cravings that most pregnant women experience has finally hit me. How do I know this you ask...the list below is what was purchased last night at the grocery. Please do not judge me, remember "what the baby wants, the baby gets."
  • Regular Pringles
  • Sour cream and onion pringles, which are sadly already gone.
  • Microwave popcorn, extra butter
  • Brownie mix
  • Reese's minis to put in the brownie mix
  • The ingredients needed to make Skyline dip, recipe will be shared on my food blog.
  • Chocolate pop-tarts, the big box!
  • 2 cans of vegetable beef soup, Campbell's edition
  • Tortilla chips for the Skyline dip
  • 2 slices of cheesecake
  • The latest People magazine to read while stuffing my face full of these very unhealthy foods.
  • I also bought some bananas so I wasn't completely bad.

The worse part of this list is that what is listed is all that was purchased. This trip to the store was purely to indulge the junk food cravings that I have been having. What isn't shown is the big box of Lucky Charms and Trix that was bought about two weeks ago.

The funny part about all of these cravings is that my hubby has also started to have them, please see below conversation.

Daniel: "Are you bringing home anything for lunch?"

Katie: " I hadn't planned on it, why?"

Daniel: " Just wondering"

Long Pause

Katie: "Would you like for me to bring home lunch?"

Daniel: "If you want...McDonald's sounds good."

Katie: "You want your usual?"

Daniel: "Yeah"

Daniel: " Man, last night I was cravings Wendy's so bad."

Katie: " Well there isn't really a Wendy's on my way home or else I would get you some."

Daniel: "Yeah, I know, McDonald's is fine."

Daniel: "The night before then I was craving Taco Bell, and then the other night I was craving me some fried chicken. I think I have your pregnancy cravings."

Katie: " Sounds like!" (Insert giggles)

I wonder which one of us is going to gain the most weight during these next 6 1/2 months?


  1. That is a true pregnant lady list of cravings!! Everything on your list made my mouth water...I guess it's time for me to make my own trip to the store!