Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frozen Birthday Bash

First off let me say, NEVER plan a birthday around a theme from a newly released movie. When I decided to use the Disney Frozen theme for the birthday party this year all of the items needed to throw a party were in stock wherever I looked online. Wait until the first of February to order everything and you find out that not only did I have the brilliant idea for a Frozen party, but so did every other mother in America. Everything was sold out, EVERYWHERE. I got lucky last weekend when an online birthday site had napkins, cups, and balloons in stock so I ordered them right away and they arrived this past Thursday. Then I found someone on E-bay who was selling the plates. With shipping I paid almost $30 for 16 paper plates. It was highway robbery but I paid it and it was painful throwing those used plates away

Fast forward to this afternoon and the scene was set. I had the cake, cupcakes, and sugar cookies made by a family baker and it saved me so much stress letting someone else take care of it for me. I made a fruit tray, vegetable tray, cheese ball, and mini cucumber appetizers and my mother-in-law made a meat and cheese tray for sandwiches.

I had two balloon bouquets done and got a few other decorations such as white Christmas snowflake ornaments and plastic table cloths and kept the decorating to our dining room and that was it. I also had t-shirts made for each of the girls off of etsy. They turned out so much better than I thought they would and the ladies loved them.

Now that Addison is in preschool this is the first time we had a party where friends from school were invited. Of the four little girls we invited, three showed up and each one of them threw a fit when it was time to go. That equals a successful party in my book!

Cadence blowing out her candle. It took her a few tries.

Addison blowing out her candle.
The girls got a few toys and lots of clothes and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves. We're meeting with my uncle Dan and aunt Robin tomorrow at his rehab center to celebrate once again and I can honestly say that I'll be glad when it's over. We've been celebrating their birthdays since last Friday and I'm starting to worry that they are going to think birthdays are always a week long

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