Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Mid-Week Random

* Addison will be starting preschool very soon. I hope. We opted to send her to our school districts preschool program and it's becoming a bigger hassle than I anticipated. She has an hour long assessment tomorrow morning where they will decide if she has any learning disabilities or decide if she will be a good fit for their typical peer program. I will find out next week if she has made the cut and then she will get to participate in a play date with her peers where the final determination will be made. I'm thinking she won't be in school until September and seeing everyone elses kids already starting preschool has me on the anxious side. I'm calling around to other preschools this afternoon to have a back up preschool in case this one doesn't work out. The girl has her back pack and lunch box all ready to go so we're ready to do this thing!!

* I decided in July that I was tired of fighting with Addison and her hair. She would wake up with a rats nest of tangles every single day and wouldn't keep her hair pulled back. It took some time but I bit the bullet and had her hair chopped off to right past the shoulder. And after another morning and Cadence being hysterical getting her hair done, she has a very tender scalp, I decided it was time for hers as well. Cadence's was cut to her chin  and gone are all of her curls. I may or may not have cried as they were chopping it off. Her hair was beautiful and sitting there as they were about to begin I about had an anxiety I had to remind myself that it will be easier for her and less painful so I pulled myself together.

*Daniel has been traveling a lot lately. He was gone all last week and while I don't tend to miss him during the day since I'm used to him not being here, the evenings are a different story. I miss the adult interaction and talking about our days.

* We've planned a surprise birthday party for the girls at the Great Wolf Lodge in February. I'm so excited I can barely see straight. Four days of nothing but fun and splashing with close family. We'll have a smaller Princess party for the rest of the family the weekend after we get back. Just cake and a few snacks.

* Speaking of birthdays...I'm turning the big 3-0 next month. Daniel is getting me a hotel room in our town over night the Saturday before and me and some close female family members are doing some early Christmas shopping, dinner, and then hanging out at the hotel pool. I'm ready for a night away from my

* Our garden is about done for the season.We're still getting an assortment of peppers, okra, and some cherry tomatoes but that's about it. Now we're patiently waiting for when we can harvest all of our pumpkins. We have a ton.

* We have never been cat people but when we rescued Sophia from the side of the road in June while out searching for Bandit things around here have changed. I haven't been enforcing the "she stays outside on the porch rule" quite as much. In fact she occasionally sleeps inside at night. Not only are we becoming lenient with her but we've become the neighborhood cat gathering. We now have two outdoor cats which we know belong at the farm across the street but I swear they are here at our house more than their own. We've named them and everything.

* Now that the official announcement has been made I can share the news here on the blog. I'm going to be an auntie again. My sister Nikki is expecting her third child this March. Apparently we like to have our children in February and March in our family. Hopefully in a couple of years I will be able to announce that I'm expecting my third child but Daniel is still a work in progress.

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