Friday, January 6, 2012

I could just eat her up...

You all remember when I said one of my resolutions for this New Year was to blog more?
You do. Well good, because here I am. I don't have a darn thing to say but I'm blogging anyway. Mainly because I took the most adorable picture of Cadence today and I must share it with the world wide web.
I'm sorry to all of you other parents out there, but seriously, is this not the most adorable child you have ever seen? I mean really, if she were any cuter I would have to take her to Build-a-Bear and have her stuffed and then I would have to buy her one of those overly priced bear outfits.
This child is such a ham, I promise you that whenever she sees me grab my camera she is straight up smiles. Sooo cute!!
I'm so in love with this picture that I have decided it's going to grace her first birthday invitation...that I still need to order by the way. We have less than two months for me to get myself into full on birthday motivation mode and I still have yet to take Addison's picture for her invite. The goal, keep fingers and toes crossed for me please, is to have the invites sent out together on the 18th. That will give people four weeks to clear their schedules and put us on their calendars!!


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  2. Oh my gosh...that picture is PRECIOUS!!!