Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Update

Today was another good appointment. I did get into trouble about my weight. I still haven't gained a horrible amount but I keep gaining in big spurts and then I will go for awhile without gaining any. My Doctor told me that maybe we should cut out the carbs and introduce some fruits and veggies...LOL. What I didn't tell her is that carbs aren't really the problem...it's the eating out and junk food that is being consumed that hold the blame here. Hamburgers are going to be the death of me if I am not careful. Sunday I had a cheeseburger from Steak N Shake and then yesterday I had a Big Boy from Frisch's, don't forget the extra tarter please!! Aside from hamburgers we have cereal. What my baby wants my baby gets and right now she wants Corn Pops. Are Corn Pops considered carbs, maybe I do have a carb problem...oh well!

This was the first appointment where I got bad news that isn't really bad news. I am anemic therefore I get to start taking iron supplements to get my blood back to where it needs to be. Of course as many of you know iron supplements can cause another issue which tends to be an issue without the help of iron in pregnant women so I also get to take something to help ease that problem. This should be fun, as if I don't already have enough issues in the bathroom department. I tend to be anemic off and on because of my Crohns disease and after having an episode of almost passing out on Sunday and being light headed off and on recently I knew that it was coming back into play.

I did discuss how having Crohns would affect my delivery. As of right now the Doctor does not see it as being a problem so we are good for a vaginal delivery for now. Please God let it go smoothly...I don't want to leave the hospital with a new batch of problems to contend with. Thankfully Addison is growing just as she should be so I don't think we will be having a large baby. The Doctors are still baffled that she, throughout this entire journey, has measured a week ahead of her due date. This of course cracks me up because if they would listen to me concerning my dates and the date of conception which I know by the way, then they would know why she is measuring a week ahead. She is measuring a week ahead because she isn't due the 18th...she's due the 10th!!! Silly doctors, I was there when it happened so you would think they would be more open to my suggestions. Like I have said before though, it doesn't really matter, she will get here when she decides to get here. I just continue to think it's funny since the doctors bring it up at every single one of my appointments.

Let's see what else do I have to share, oh yes, her nursery is almost complete. We started putting together the crib on Sunday night and after three hours we gave up after only completing half of it. When I first started helping Daniel I asked him if there was anything I needed to do to help. I was told to sit down and hand him screws as needed and to also not buy such complicated stuff. I think we have the hardest part done so the worst is over. We also have another big day coming up on Sunday. It's baby shower #2 which I am very excited about. My first one was awesome with mostly just family and a few of Daniel's friends but this one will include all of my girls from work and school so not only will I get another chance to celebrate my daughter and see all of her new stuff, but I will also get to do a lot of catching up with people. I will be sure to post lots of pictures after all is said and done.

We also almost had a last minute name change for Addison. As most of you know I have had the name Addison Grace picked out since I was a senior in high school which would have been 2001-2002. I spent years talking Daniel into liking that name and he refused saying that it was never going to happen. Of course we finally get pregnant and discussing names with Daniel was like talking to a brick wall, he didn't suggest a single one and I kept pushing for Addison. Finally I gave in one day and decided Kayleigh sounded really nice. I figured I would run it by him and see what he thought and the only thing he could say was, "I thought we were naming her Addison". I don't need to tell you what my response was as after four years I am sure you can imagine. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I happened to throw some names out that I also liked from when I was younger and ones that I have fallen for more recently such as Kadence. Can you believe it, he actually liked the name Kadence and he quickly started trying to come up with middle names for it. So that left us with a big name debate on whether we should change Addison to Kadence or what. After much thought I just couldn't do it. This little girl has been Addison for way to long and I honestly felt like I was losing a child by changing her name so Addison Grace it stays. Good news though, our second daughter is named and ready to go...LOL. Kadence Marie should hopefully be here within the next two years or so given that we are able to get pregnant again right away and we happen to conceive a little girl. If it's a boy Daddy is sorry out of luck until another girl comes around and by then who knows what other name could come into play.

I still can't believe how close we are to the end of this journey. I can't wait to see and hear Addison for the first time but there is still a part of me that is very nervous at the thought of becoming a parent.

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