Wednesday, September 23, 2009

20 weeks and counting...

Today we are officially twenty weeks into this pregnancy which really takes my breath away. It seriously feels just like yesterday that I came walking out of the bathroom, tears streaming down my cheek, waving the pregnancy test in Daniel's face. It had been a long two and a half years of trying but yet it came as a total surprise to both of us. So much so that the week prior to knowing for sure when I commented that I might be, Daniel swore up and down I wasn't and to quit getting all worked up about it...what did he know!!

Not only is today the official twenty week marker but it is my 26th birthday which puts me at four away from being thirty. I will be honest with you, that number scares the absolute hell out of me...LOL. Daniel got through his without any problems but you are looking at someone who had issues with turning 25 so that should be interesting.

Today is also big for our marriage! For the first time in the almost three years that we have been married, my husband is now working first shift which means I will have someone to eat dinner with, watch TV with, and to also celebrate my actual birthday with.

Seriously, could this day get any better??

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  1. Wow, happy birthday!!! And congrats to your hubby for being on 1st shift. And YAY for 20 weeks!! So when is the big gender reveal? Don't leave us hanging!